Polk County’s girls tennis team saw its season officially end Monday, but by the narrowest of margins.

The Wolverines were one of four teams deadlocked for the final two playoff berths in the state 2A team playoffs, which begin Tuesday. Polk County (12-6), Northeastern (12-6), Beddingfield (10-5) and West Davidson (8-4) all finished with .667 winning percentages.

Since there were no head-to-head meetings between all teams, the next step in the North Carolina High School Athletic Association tiebreaking process is conference winning percentage. Both Beddingfield (6-3) and West Davidson (8-2_ had conference percentages above .500 while Polk County (4-4) and Northeastern (6-6) had percentages of .500 in conference play. Thus the final two spots went to Beddingfield and West Davidson.

Full 2A pairings can be found here.

Polk County will return nearly its entire starting lineup next season, including Western Highlands Conference singles champion Hannah Jenne.