Polk County's Julia Griffin returns a shot during Tuesday's match

Chatham Central brought an end to Polk County’s girls tennis season on Tuesday, taking a 5-3 win over the Wolverines in the second round of the state 1A playofffs at Polk.

The Wolverines (9-5) battled Chatham Central (18-3-1) on nearly even terms, but the Bears claimed a 4-2 lead in singles to grab the upper hand in the match, then closed the win with a victory at No. 3 doubles.

Chatham’s twin sister duo of Taylor and Cami Hughes each earned wins at No. 1 and No. 2 singles to spark the Bears. Sara Muse and Ava Marino responded with wins at No. 3 and No. 4.

Polk’s Tana Harris and Julia Griffin defeated the Hughes sisters at No. 1 doubles for Polk’s remaining point.

“I am so proud of each and every one of these girls and the effort they have put forth to achieve a winning season this year,” said Polk County head coach Richard Davis.

“The ride ended today but the memory of a great group of never-say-quit girls will never be forgotten.”

1. Taylor Hughes (CC) d. Tana Harris 6-3, 3-6 (10-2); 2. Cami Hughes (CC) d. Julia Griffin 6-4, 6-4; 3. Sara Muse (PC) d. Sophie Phillips 6-2, 3-6 (10-5); 4. Ava Marino (PC) d. Mary Murchison 6-2, 6-2; 5. Ellie Phillips (CC) d. Madi Pruette 6-4, 6-4; 6. Livey Brooks (CC) d. Victoria Bolling 6-0, 6-4.

1. Harris-Griffin (PC) d. Hughes-Hughes 8-6; 3. Phillips-Brooks (CC) d. Pruette-Bolling 8-3.