Sara Muse

Polk County’s girls tennis team captured its second straight victory on Wednesday, defeating Crest 7-2 in Boiling Springs.

The Wolverines won five of the six singles matches to secure the win before doubles play. Polk County did claim two of the day’s three doubles matches to improve to 2-1 on the season.

Tana Harris, Julia Griffin, Ava Marino and Sara Muse were each victorious in singles and doubles play, with Madi Pruette adding a singles win.

Polk County returns home Thursday to face Kings Mountain in a 4 p.m. match.

1. Tana Harris (PC) d. Eliza Warren 10-2; 3. Julia Griffin (PC) d. Madi Walker 10-1; 3. Sara Muse (PC) d. Trista Williams 10-5; 4. Ava Marino (PC) d Jackie Rullman 10-2; 5. Madi Pruette (PC) d Payton Canipe 10-8; 6. Olivia Wall (C) d. Victoria Boling 10-0.

1. Harris-Griffin (PC) d. Warren-Walker 8-3; 2. Muse-Marino (PC) d. Williams-Wall 8-4; 3. Rullman-Canipe (C) d. Pruette-Boling 8-1.