Polk County's Hannah Jenne

Polk County’s girls tennis team improved its record to 5-2 on Wednesday with a 7-2 victory over West Henderson in a non-conference match in Mills River.

The Wolverines dominated singles play, winning five of six matches.

Polk County returns home on Tuesday to host East Henderson in another non-conference match.

1. Hannah Jenne (PC) d. Emilee Mosso 10-4; 2. Tana Harris (PC) d. Kiera Still 10-4; 3. Cammi Ochs (WH) d. Haven Dufford 11-10 (6-4); 4. Bella Marino (PC) d. Emma Cavanuagh 10-0; 5. Julia Griffin (PC) d. Brandi Byers 10-3; 6. Virginia Rostick (PC) d. Renee Ochs 10-3.

1. Jenne-Harris (PC) d. Mosso-Still 8-2; 2. Dufford-Marino (PC) d. C. Ochs-Cavanaugh 8-6; 3. Byers-R. Ochs (WH) d. Ava Marino-Trinity Branham 8-4.