Madi Pruette earned a pair of wins Thursday against Avery.

Polk County wrapped up its week Thursday with a 9-0 sweep of Avery in a Western Highlands Conference girls tennis match at Polk.

The Wolverines dominated the day, allowing Avery to win no more than two matches in any contest.

Polk County (5-2, 2-0) continues its five-match homestand on Monday, hosting East Rutherford at 4 p.m.

1. Tana Harris d. Cassie Bailey 10-1; 2. Julia Griffin d. Emma Kitchin 10-1; 3. Sara Muse d. Lilly Markland 10-1; 4. Ava Marino d. Kennedy Bindlechner 10-0; 5. Madi Pruette d. Emma Bentley 10-1; 6. Victoria Bolling d. Abigail Crosby 10-1.

1. Harris-Griffin d. Bailey-Kitchin 8-0; 2. Muse-Marino d. Markland-Bindlechner 8-0; 3. Pruette-Bolling d. Bentley-Crosby 8-2.