An improving Polk County girls tennis team challenged Enka on Wednesday, but the Jets were able to come away with a 6-3 win in a non-conference match at Polk County.

The Wolverines suffered another injury as No. 1 singles player Rhian Alley twisted her ankle early in her singles match. Alley will miss Thursday’s Western Highlands Conference match against Avery. Earlier this week the Wolverines found out that Reese Alley will miss the remainder of the season with a broken wrist.

“The team continues to gain experience with each match,” said Polk County head coach Richard Davis. “Hopefully, we will compete well against Avery.┬áRhian and Reese Alley are both injured and will not participate, which will make it even tougher as the girls once again have to shift up one level.

“As tough as this season has been up to this point there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel in the fact that the girls are getting better and smarter with each match that passes. Hopefully, there is coming a day when all of these experiences will pay off in the form of some victories.”

1. Hannah Farmer (E) d. Rhian Alley 3-0, retired; 2. Shruti Patel (E) d. Haven Dufford 8-1; 3. Danielle Harris (E) d. Juniper Walter-Eger 8-3; 4. Lexi Kelton (E) d. Trinity Branham 8-0; 5. Miceala Ensley (E) d. Bella Marino 8-4; 6. Alicia Twitty (PC) d. Saajana Bhakta 8-6.

1. Marino/Branham (PC) d. Lexi Kelton/Mia Kelton 7-5; 2. Dufford/Walter-Eger (PC) d. Lindsey Bull/Lauren Zavaglia 6-0; 3. Holly Banks/Carly Banks (E) d. Twitty/Sarah Woods 6-4.