Polk County wrapped up its home girls tennis schedule on Tuesday, dropping a 9-0 decision to Hendersonville in a Western Highlands Conference match.

The Bearcats, considered a state 2A title contender by many, had little trouble in any of the singles or doubles matches.

“I thought the kids fought as hard as they could with the skill set that they have,” said Polk County head coach Richard Davis. “We played way better this time around as compared to the first time we played them. The improvement this year without a doubt has been incredible.

“Unfortunately, at this point all we have to show for it is a couple of reasonably close matches. However, I do feel that if these girls will put some practice time in during the offseason we should be able to compete for first or second place in the conference next year, which would be amazing considering where we started at.”

Polk County travels to Owen on Wednesday to both finish a match from earlier this season and play the regularly scheduled match.

1. Haley Fair (H) d. Haven Dufford 8-1. 2. Annabelle Webb (H) d. Rhian Alley 8-4. 3. Amy Yarborough (H) d. Juniper Walter-Eger 8-0. 4. Hamrick Perry (H) d. Trinity Branham 8-1. 5. Ellie Jull (H) d. Bella Marino 8-2. 6. Rachel Morrow (H) d. Alicia Twitty 8-0.

1. Fair/Yarborough (H) d. Dufford/Walter-Eger 6-0; 2. Webb/Perry (H) d. Alley/Reese Alley 6-0. 3. Jull/Morrow (H) d. Marino/Branham 6-1.