Polk County Middle's Amberina Jenne took second in Tuesday's race

A regular season full of hard work, often training in 90-degree heat, reached its end Tuesday for Polk County Middle’s cross country teams.

Head coach Jessica Marrow wanted that regular-season finale, held at PCMS, to be a memorable one, to reflect the effort the Wolverines have shown throughout the summer and fall.

“I told them before the meet that it is our home meet, so let’s get ahead and work hard and show the other teams what we have been practicing,” Marrow said.

That, Polk Middle did. The Wolverine boys placed two runners in the top five and finished second in the team race while Amberina Jenne’s second-place effort led the Polk girls to third overall.

For a team that entered August with just five returning runners, all on the boys side, the finishes offered evidence of just how successful a season this has been.

“The first practice that I hosted, I had 40 student-athletes come out to try cross country,” Marrow said. “We continued to practice at least two days a week. Once the season started I had 30 student-athletes that stayed committed.

“I tell them every day all runners can start, but only the strong ones finish. They have proven that this season. Each and every one of the student athletes have grown as a team player and as a runner.”

Polk Middle’s Davis Holbert eyes the finish line as he nears the end of Tuesday’s race

Matthew Jarrett placed third and Liam Jackson took fourth for the Polk boys, traversing the course that began on Polk Middle’s football field, wound around the campus, through the trail behind Polk County Recreation Complex and then into the fields area of the complex. Runners then hit the paved road out of the complex and turned left onto Wolverine Trail before turning back into the rec complex parking lot, climbing Football Hill and finishing on the school track.

It’s a challenging course, but all 16 Wolverine boys completed it, as did the 11 Polk girls who ran. Jenne led that group, keeping close to the lead until the final stage of the race.

Polk Middle will now look for more success in the Blue Ridge Conference Championships, set for Tuesday at Apple Valley.

“This has been one of the most rewarding seasons I have coached, because I have watched them grow every single day,” Marrow said. “We are excited to continue to strive to reach our goals as we head to conference next Tuesday at Apple Valley Middle.”


  1. Matthew Jarett, 12:09.9
  2. Liam Jackson, 12:10.6
  3. Acer Eadus, 13:12.4
  4. Davis Holbert, 13:47.0
  5. Jayvin Clark, 14:59.6
  6. Silas Amorelli, 15:22.9
  7. Hudson Tyler, 15:24.7
  8. Brett Burgen, 15:50.8
  9. Callum Eadus, 16:15.0
  10. Parker Hixson, 16:23.9
  11. Adrian Carpuillo, 16:26.1
  12. Trane McMinn, 17:38.6
  13. Noah Gutierrez, 17:52.0
  14. Cameron Cole, 18:06.0
  15. Jasper Clark, 20:19.4
  16. Xander Worley,21:39.5


  1. Amberina Jenne, 13:11.9
  2. Sophia Junge, 14:23.6
  3. Allie Vanderploeg, 14:33.8
  4. Sadie Schweitzer, 15:30.8
  5. Khloe Kitchen, 16:38.0
  6. Scottlynn Whiteside, 16:51.3
  7. Ethne Broyles, 17:15.2
  8. Mary Marrow, 18:09.2
  9. Ryleigh Dill, 18:21.1
  10. Claire Ashworth, 18:59.0
  11. Juniper Eadus, 23:14.3