Polk County runners, from left - Arriana Wood, Susanna Ashworth, Luna Gonzalez and Leah Dotson - were part of a group that ran Monday to the top of White Oak Mountain (photo courtesy Alan Peoples)

Polk County cross country runners have been tackling White Oak Mountain for years, running up the well-known peak in a tradition that spans more than 30 years.

This year’s Wolverines, though, did something that head coach Alan Peoples can never remember happening – every runner on both the boys and girls squads conquered the mountain.

Each runner received a T-shirt noting the feat, and that group included Davis Young, who finished first; Leah Dotson, who finished second; Susanna Ashworth, who finished third; Philip Teague, Ardon Malan, Ariana Wood and Luna Gonzalez. Also participating were Tristan Devine and Aaden Denton.

The teams took part last week in the Armentrout Invitational at R-S Central, with eight team members setting personal records during the meet. Dotson earned a medal for her eighth-place finish.

Polk County teams will complete their regular season on Thursday, traveling to Chase to compete in The Farm Invitational.

Polk County results

8. Leah Dotson, 22:15.80; 14. Susanna Ashworth, 23:05.30; 28. Arriana Wood, 24:36.10; 74. Luna Gonzalez, 32:51.60.

22. Davis Young, 18:51.40; 34. Jayln Thomas, 19:36.30; 77. Aaden Denton, 22:42.20; 80. Tristan Devine, 23:17.50; 85. Phillip Teague, 23:42.70; 86. Ardon Malan, 23:44.00; 98. Lyric Broach, 24:42.70