Editor’s note: We’d like to thank PCMS assistant cross country coach Taylor Jackson for providing this recap of recent team results.

Polk County Middle School’s cross country teams ended a strong week Thursday at the ACA Invitational, with the girls team placing first and the boys placing second overall – the highest placements for both teams in recent memory.

Not bad considering that every single girl on the PCMS team was running in just her fourth career cross country meet.

PCMS cross country has had an incredible season, and that continued last week as the Wolverines traveled to Rugby Middle School on Tuesday and Asheville Christian Academy on Thursday.

At the ACA Invitational, every single PCMS runner finished the course with a personal-best time. Amberina Jenne won her first individual championship in a time of 13:07. Sophia Junge placed third and Allie Vanderploeg came in 6th, both earning their first podium slots of the season. Sadie Schweitzer and ScottLynn Whiteside placed 14th and 18th to round out the Wolverines’ top five.

On the boys’ side, Liam Jackson placed third with a time of 12:19. Matthew Jarrett earned a podium spot by finishing 9th. Jacob Jenne, Acer Eadus and Callum Eadus also scored for the Wolverines, placing 12th, 18th and 28th, respectively.

Earlier in the week, the Wolverines had a strong showing at Rugby Middle on a tough, hilly course as both Liam Jackson and Amberina Jenne finished second overall. Polk County’s boys finished in third with 77 points, behind Rugby and Flat Rock. The boys’ team had strong showings from Matthew Jarrett (15th), Acer Eadus (17th), Davis Holbert (19th) and Callum Eadus (20th).

The girls’ team finished in 4th overall, aided by Sophia Junge (12th), Allie Vanderploeg (17th), Ethne Broyles (25th) and Sadie Schweitzer, who finished 26th and ran ¾ of the course with only one shoe.

The Wolverines finish their regular season on Tuesday with a home meet that is set to begin at 4:30 p.m.

Individual Results – ACA Invite


Liam Jackson (3rd) – 12:19

Matthew Jarrett (9th) – 12:43

Jacob Jenne (12th) – 13:05

Acer Eadus (18th) – 13:25

Callum Eadus (28th) – 14:06

Hudson Tyler (30th) – 14:16

Jayvin Clark – 14:48

Brett Burgin (41st) – 14:48

Noah Gutierrez (42nd) – 14:49

Eric Yowell (43rd) – 14:53

Silas Amorelli (57th) – 15:54

Adrian Carparulo (59th) – 15:55

Cameron Cole (61st) – 15:58

Trane McMinn (67th) – 16:38

Parker Hixson (69th) – 16:53

Jasper Clark – 19:40

Xander Worley – 19:55

Individual Results – ACA Invite


Amberine Jenne (1st) – 13:07

Sophia Junge (3rd) – 13:54

Allie Vanderploeg (6th) – 13:57

Sadie Schweitzer (14th) – 14:52

ScottLynn Whiteside (18th) – 15:17

Ethne Broyles (19th) – 15:17

Khloe Kitchen (21st) – 15:25

Mary Marrow (34th) – 16:44

Claire Ashworth (53rd) – 18:34

Individual Results – RMS Invite


Liam Jackson (2nd) – 15:13

Matthew Jarrett (15th) – 16:50

Acer Eadus (17th) – 16:58

Davis Holbert (19th) – 17:23

Callum Eadus (20th) – 17:32

Jacob Jenne (25th) – 18:08

Silas Amorelli (29th) – 18:23

Jayvin Clark (31st) – 18:31

Parker Hixson (37th) – 19:27

Adrian Carparulo (40th) – 20:11

Hudson Tyler (41st) – 20:12

Cameron Cole (42nd) – 20:27

Eric Yowell (43rd) – 20:42

Noah Gutierrez (46th) – 21:28

Brett Burgin (49th) – 22:51

Trane McMinn (54th) – 24:30

Jasper Clark (63rd) – 29:10

Xander Worley (64th) – 29:19

Individual Results – RMS Invite


Amberine Jenne (2nd) – 16:02

Sophia Junge (12th) – 17:42

Allie Vanderploeg (17th) – 18:24

Ethne Broyles (25th) – 19:46

Sadie Schweitzer (26th) – 19:51

ScottLynn Whiteside (38th) – 21:50

Ryleigh Dill (41st) – 22:18

Mary Marrow (42nd) – 22:27

Claire Ashworth (48th) – 24:14