Polk County’s Ryan Heider

Polk County romped to an 8-1 victory over Pisgah on Monday in a non-conference boys tennis match in Canton.

The Wolverines swept singles play en route to improving to 4-1 this season.

Polk County begins its Western Highlands Conference schedule on Tuesday, hosting Avery at 4 p.m.

1. Ryan Heider (PC) d. Tanner Wike 10-6; 2. Henry Heider (PC) d. Will Norris 10-6; 3. Henry Monts (PC) d. Zach Mull 10-0; 4. Payton Stott (PC) d. Eric Robinson 10-1; 5. Ethan Edwards (PC) d. Lane Mease 10-7; 6. Jesus Avellaneda (PC) d. Mason Jones 10-7

1. Wike-Norris (P) d. Stott-Monts 6-3; 2. H. Heider-Edwards (PC) d. Robinson-Mease 10-0; 3. Avellaneda-Seth Hardin (PC) d. Mull-Tucker Lokerson 10-0

The Wolverines also posted an 8-1 win over Hendersonville on March 21. Results from that match:

1. Ryan Heider (PC) d. Gabe Williams 10-0; 2. Henry Heider (PC) d. Nick Hornsby 10-4; 3. Henry Monts (PC) d. Connor Leidner 10-5; 4. Payton Stott (PC) d. John Bushe 10-1; 5. Ethan Edwards (PC) d. Devin Horton 10-3; 6. Jesus Avellaneda (PC) d. Ethan Crowe 10-7.

1. R. Heider-H. Heider (PC) d. Hornsby-Leidner 6-0; 2. Monts-Stott (PC) d. Williams-Horton 6-1; 3. Bushe-Crowe (H) d. Edwards-Seth Hardin 6-2

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