Jared Searcy

A Polk win – and a reminder of how prep athletics should be

As Polk County’s 8-1 home win over Mountain Heritage unfolded on Monday, a most welcome thing happened on the farthest court in use.

Polk County’s Alfredo Avellaneda and Mountain Heritage’s Brooks Murphy engaged in a competitive match at No. 6 singles. The two players traded points, they traded games, they pushed hard on each and every serve.

In between, they traded compliments.

The match went to a tiebreaker, with Avellaneda rallying from an early deficit to claim an 11-10 (7-5) victory

Just after the final point ended, as the two players approached the net to pat each other on the back, Murphy exclaimed, “Wow, that was fun.”

And there, in the afternoon sun, came a reminder of the how high school athletics are meant to be.


1. Ryan Heider (PC) d. Nick Mencis 10-0; 2. Henry Heider (PC) d. Drew Roy 10-5; 3. Nate Ledford (MH) d. Jared Searcy 10-4; 4. Grant Waddell (PC) d. Luke Watrous 10-1; 5. Adam Kehrer (PC) d. Roger Phillips 10-5; 6. Alfredo Avellaneda (PC) d. Brooks Murphy 11-10 (7-5).


1. R. Heider-Avellaneda (PC) d. Mencis-Roy 6-0; 2. H. Heider-Kehrer (PC) d. Ledford-Watrous 6-2; 3. Searcy-Waddell (PC) d. Phillips-Reece Argent (6-1).