Polk County’s wrestling team wrapped up its regular season with a busy slate of meets in the final week.

The Wolverines encountered Western Highlands Conference foes Owen and Madison on Friday, then traveled to Kings Mountain on Saturday for a duals tournament featuring a strong lineup of opponents. Polk County then completed its season on Tuesday, traveling to Mountain Heritage for its WHC finale.

Polk County begins postseason competition on Friday, hosting the Western Highlands Conference tournament. Action will begin at 4 p.m. and continue throughout the evening as wrestlers from all six WHC schools battle to be called conference champs.

Madison 60, Polk County 23
106: Collier Foster (PC) by forfeit
113: Zachary Morrow (M) p. Tori Strickland
120: Cody Jamerson (M) p. Deacon Nodine
126: Preston Burnett (PC) p. Gage Chandler
132: Brennan Worthington (PC) tech. fall Tacoma Reda, 16-1
138: Haven Schambacher (M) p. Bryson Mccraw
145: Isaac Gosnell (M) p. Bryce Thompson
152: Cade Regazzi (M) p. Jacob Knighton
160: Trevor Szabo (M) p. Kaden Jobe
170: Trey Thompson (PC) p. AJ Rolllins
182: James Calloway (M) by forfeit
195: Damian Borowski (M) by forfeit
220: Colton Roberts (M) p. Carlos Sedano
285: Connor Foley (M) p. Harrison Waddell

Owen 43, Polk County 42
106: Collier Foster (PC) by forfeit
113: Tori Strickland (PC) by forfeit
120: Alex Grabowski (O) p. Satchel McCoy
126: Preston Burnett (PC) p. Aidan Noonan
132: Brennan Worthington (PC) p. Zach Schwartz
138: Aidan Nalley (O) p. Bryson Mccraw
145: Jacob Knighton (PC) by forfeit
152: Bruce Williams (O) p. Bryce Thompson
160: Wesley Melton (O) p. Kaden Jobe
170: Owen Vale (O) p. Trey Thompson
182: Jenri Gadamez-Hernandez by forfeit
195: Kameron harper (O) by forfeit
220: Carlos Sedano (PC) by forfeit
285: Harrison Waddell (PC) by forfeit
(OWEN criteria 1.0)

Ardrey Kell 65, Polk County 18
106: Cameron Pakr (AK) p. Collier Foster
113: Gaetano Verni (AK) p. Tori Strickland
120: Cooper Marshall (AK) p. Satchel McCoy
126: Preston Burnett (PC) p. Jonathan Lahore
132: Brennan Worthington (PC) p. Jack Riley
138: Bryson Mccraw (PC) by forfeit
145: Matthew Herbert (AK) tech. fall Jacob Knighton, 16-0
152: Eric Thorn (AK) p. Kaden Jobe
160: John Yakoboski (AK) p. Cody Dimsdale
170: Andrew Alston (AK) p. Trey Thompson
182: Ismael Basquez (AK) by forfeit
195: David Pozo (AK) by forfeit
220: Ishmael Williams (AK) p. Carlos Sedano
285: Issam Alzouby (AK) p. Harrison Waddell

Kings Mountain 58, Polk County 18
106: Koby Rikard (KM) maj. dec. Collier Foster, 9-0
113: Aiden Wilson (KM) p. Austin Lindsey
120: Ryne Smith (KM) p. Satchel McCoy
126: Gage Moore (KM) d. Preston Burnett, 9-6
132: Brennan Worthington (PC) by forfeit
138: Bryson Mccraw (PC) by forfeit
145: Dayvion Downs (KM) p. Jacob Knighton
152: Peyton Fisher (KM) p. Kaden Jobe
160: Nathan Groves (KM) p. Cody Dimsdale
170: Trey Thompson (PC) p. Jathan Callahan
182: Trey Crawford (KM) by forfeit
195: Joe Ruffalo (KM)by forfeit
220: Chris Ruffalo (KM) d. Carlos Sedano, 8-5
285: Xavier Brown (KM) p. Harrison Waddell

Piedmont 72, Polk County 6
106: Jake Cauble (PIED) p. Collier Foster
113: Tripp Collins (PIED) p. Austin Lindsey
120: Satchel McCoy (PC) by forfeit
126: Nathan Huntley (PIED) tech. fall Preston Burnett, 22-7
132: Jackson Little (PIED) maj. dec. Brennan Worthington, 9-0
138: Josh Blatt (PIED) p. Bryson Mccraw
145: Colby Funderburk (PIED) p. Jacob Knighton
152: Colby Locklear (PIED) p. Kaden Jobe
160: Noah Baucom (PIED) p. Cody Dimsdale
170: Aiden Stegall (PIED) d. Trey Thompson, 8-2
182: Chet Miller (PIED) by forfeit
195: James Price (PIED) by forfeit
220: Travis Murphy (PIED) p. Carlos Sedano
285: Ryan Whetzel (PIED) p. Harrison Waddell

Weddington 62, Polk County 15
106: John Gibson (WEDD) by forfeit
113: Tyler Wall (WEDD) p. Tori Strickland
120: Jacob Cendejas (WEDD) p. Deacon Nodine
126: Preston Burnett (PC) by forfeit
132: Brennan Worthington (PC) d. Alec Orrell, 10-3
138: Aidan Nolan (WEDD) p. Bryson Mccraw
145: Cian Nolan (WEDD) d. Jacob Knighton, 11-9, overtime
152: Janyd Houghton (WEDD) p. Kaden Jobe
160: CJ Teas (WEDD) p. Cody Dimsdale
170: Denton Dicarlo (WEDD) p. Trey Thompson
182: Joe Zovistoski (WEDD) by forfeit
195: Lucas Rogers (WEDD) by forfeit
220: Eli Pettway (WEDD) p. Carlos Sedano
285: Harrison Waddell (PC) by forfeit
(WEDD 145 misconduct -1.0)

Forestview 39, Polk County 33
106: Tori Strickland (PC) by forfeit
113: Evan Reid (FV) p. Collier Foster
120: Bryson Froneberger (FV) d. Satchel McCoy, 8-7
126: Aden Smith (FV) p. Deacon Nodine
132: Preston Burnett (PC) p. Ethan Smith
138: Brennan Worthington (PC) over Jesse Osborne, 6-5, overtime
145: Riley Biddy (FV) p. Jacob Knighton
152: Kaden Jobe (PC) p. Christian Jackson
160: Kameron Miller (FV) p. Cody Dimsdale
170: Trey Thompson (PC) p. Daniel Cantilleps
182: Double Forfeit
195: Austin Bradley (FV) by forfeit
220: Carlos Sedano (PC) by forfeit
285: Sam Kaylor (FV) p. Harrison Waddell

Mountain Heritage 51, Polk County 24
106: Collier Foster (PC) by forfeit
113: Tori Strickland (PC) by forfeit
120: Austin Dover (MH) p. Deacon Nodine
126: Devin Burgin (MH) p. Satchel McCoy
132: Preston Burnett (PC) tech. fall Jesse Lopez, 15-0
138: Brennan Worthington (PC) maj. dec. Dalton McIntosh, 10-2
145: Joathan Stanton (MH) tech. fall Jacob Knighton, 18-2
152: Christian Angel (MH) p. Bryce Thompson
160: Nathaniel Hughes (MH) maj. dec. Kaden Jobe, 10-1
170: Trey Thompson (PC) d. Michael Riddle, 9-5
182: Joseph Shade (MH) by forfeit
195: Patrick Hughes (MH) by forfeit
220: Dalton Hollifield (MH) p. Carlos Sedano
285: Isaiah Watts (MH) p. Harrison Waddell

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