Polk County Middle wrestlers celebrate their showing at Friday's Blue Ridge Conference Tournament (photo courtesy Russell Wilson)

It’s a double-double for Polk County Middle School’s wrestling team.

The Wolverines added another plaque for the school trophy case, winning the team title at Friday’s Blue Ridge Conference Wrestling Tournament at Pisgah High School in Canton.

It marks the second straight year that Polk Middle has swept the conference dual team and tournament team championships. No Blue Ridge Conference school has done that since Flat Rock in 2016-17. The Wolverines’ total of 219.5 points topped runner-up Canton Middle (183) and third-place Flat Rock (134.5).

Polk Middle had two individual conference champions – Isaiah Staley at 145 pounds and Chester Wilson at 160 pounds. But the Wolverines had five second-place finishers and 14 top-four finishers, setting a program record for the most conference placers in a season.

Wilson dominated his division, winning all three matches by pin. Staley earned his title with a pin in the final of Canton’s Kyle Ostrowski in a matchup of undefeated wrestlers.

Cole Huntley, Liam Jackson, Gavin Waldbillig, Andy Serrano and Danny Bradley brought home second-place finishes.

1. Polk County Middle 219.5; 2. Canton Middle 183; 3. Flat Rock Middle 134.5; 4. Bethel Middle 129; 5. Brevard Middle, Waynesville Middle 126; 7. Apple Valley Middle 117; 8. Macon Middle 65; 9. Rugby Middle 59; 10. Smoky Mountain Middle 39; 11. Hendersonville Middle 36.

Quarterfinal – Silas Amorelli (Polk) tech fall Brent Newcomer (Apple Valley), 18-0
Semifinal – Carter Rice (Brevard) d. Silas Amorelli, 12-7
Cons. Semi – Silas Amorelli p. Colton Griffith (Hendersonville) (Fall 1:57)
3rd Place Match – Silas Amorelli p. Landon Massey (Macon)(Fall 1:36)

Quarterfinal – Josh Jarrett (Polk) d. Kamden Early (Canton), 4-2
Semifinal – Carter Mabry (Bethel) maj. dec. Josh Jarrett, 12-0
Cons. Semi – Josh Jarrett d. Jude Stipe (Hendersonville), 7-0
3rd Place Match – Josh Jarrett d. Noah Howard (Rugby), 2-1

Quarterfinal – Cole Huntley (Polk) p. Alex Alvarez (Apple Valley) (Fall 1:21)
Semifinal – Cole Huntley maj. dec. Dirk Griffith-Arell (Flat Rock), 11-3
1st Place Match – Michael Woodard (Canton) p. Cole Huntley (Fall 1:24)

Quarterfinal – Liam Jackson (Polk) p. Ray Lecker (Rugby) (Fall 2:46)
Semifinal – Liam Jackson d. DeVante` Gash (Brevard), 11-4
1st Place Match – Cade Riddle (Canton) p. Liam Jackson (Fall 2:05)

Quarterfinal – Gavin Waldbillig (Polk) p. Jordan Robles (Apple Valley) (Fall 5:00)
Semifinal – Gavin Waldbillig d. Kole Bryson (Bethel), 12-8
1st Place Match – Bryson Chappell (Canton) p. Gavin Waldbillig (Fall 1:37)

Quarterfinal – Jorden McFarland (Bethel) p. Gorden Threlfall (Polk) (Fall 0:45)
Cons. Round 1 – Jodi Barrett (Smoky Mountain) p. Gorden Threlfall (Fall 3:26)

Quarterfinal – Matt Jarrett (Polk) p. Jack Tomasch (Macon) (Fall 0:42)
Semifinal – Henry Spivey (Waynesville) d. Matt Jarrett, 9-3
Cons. Semi – Matt Jarrett (Polk) p. Aldo Garcia (Smoky Mountain) (Fall 0:55)
3rd Place Match – Matt Jarrett (Polk) p. Taylor Suggs (Canton) (Fall 0:38)

Quarterfinal – Zack Duncan (Waynesville) p. Jayvin Clark (Polk) (Fall 4:07)
Cons. Round 1 – Zack Ellis (Hendersonville) d. Jayvin Clark, 4-1

Quarterfinal – Andy Serrano (Polk) 12-1 p. Tucker McHan (Macon) (Fall 0:56)
Semifinal – Andy Serrano p. J.T. Rogers (Brevard) (Fall 0:45)
1st Place Match – Isaac Young (Canton) p. Andy Serrano (Fall 0:16)

Quarterfinal – Isaiah Staley (Polk) p. Porter Gonzales (Rugby) (Fall 1:24)
Semifinal – Isaiah Staley p. Gage Rose (Hendersonville) (Fall 1:38)
1st Place Match – Isaiah Staley p. Kyle Ostrowski (Canton) (Fall 2:18)

Quarterfinal – Danny Bradley (Polk) p. Yahir Hernandez (Flat Rock) (Fall 0:34)
Semifinal – Danny Bradley p. Landon Surrett (Bethel) (Fall 2:28)
1st Place Match – Collin Hunter (Rugby) p. Danny Bradley (Fall 3:27)

Quarterfinal – Chester Wilson (Polk) p. Brian Maximov (Hendersonville) (Fall 0:21)
Semifinal – Chester Wilson p. Simon Robinson (Brevard) (Fall 4:38)
1st Place Match – Chester Wilson p. Hunter Hatton (Bethel) (Fall 3:49)

Quarterfinal – Callum Eadus (Polk) p. Logan Garrett (Bethel) Fall 0:25)
Semifinal – Brenyn Hatten (Waynesville) 12-1 won by forfeit over Callum Eadus
Cons. Semi – Callum Eadus p. Malaki Craig (Smoky Mountain) (Fall 1:07)
3rd Place Match – Callum Eadus (Polk) ultimate tie breaker over Carson Cates (Apple Valley) (UTB 5-4)

Quarterfinal – Acer Eadus (Polk) p. Cameron Rezentes (Hendersonville) (Fall 0:36)
Semifinal – Salvador Ozuna-Diaz (Flat Rock) d. Acer Eadus, 7-3
Cons. Semi – Acer Eadus p. Elliot Lipe (Bethel) (Fall 3:41)
3rd Place Match – Aden Slusser (Apple Valley) d. Acer Eadus, 3-2

Semifinal – Heribero Jr. Dominguez (Apple Valley) p. Sam Rhein (Polk) (Fall 0:43)
Cons. Semi – Sam Rhein p. Wyatt Ridgeway (Rugby) (Fall 0:06)
3rd Place Match – Sam Rhein p. Gunnar Sorrells (Canton) (Fall 1:13)

Quarterfinal – Levi Kirkendall (Smoky Mountain) p. Hudson Hyde (Polk) (Fall 0:50)
Cons. Round 1 – Hudson Hyde (Polk) d. Jeremiah Avery (Brevard), 7-0
Cons. Semi – Hudson Hyde p. Billie Dinning (Macon) (Fall 0:44)
3rd Place Match – Sammy Ballard (Flat Rock) p. Hudson Hyde (Fall 0:16)