Polk County Middle's Carson Bell closes a win at 108 pounds during Monday's match with Rugby

As Rugby Middle celebrated its win Monday, the look on the face of Polk County Middle wrestling coach Jerry Cox said much about the state of the Wolverine program.

It wasn’t long ago that Polk Middle would have been celebrating a day such as Monday, when the Wolverines defeated Brevard Middle 63-42 before dropping a 60-48 decision to Rugby, one of the traditional powers of the Blue Ridge Conference.

Photos: Polk Middle vs. Rugby Middle

But Polk Middle (4-2) has shown it can compete with the BRC’s best, which is why Cox held his hands over his head in frustration as Rugby reeled off a series of late wins to claim the nip-and-tuck match.

Several Polk wrestlers posted two wins during the day – Brody Wolfe, Connor Ahlert, Carson Bell, Turner Loveland, Styler Blackwell, Shatter Johnson and Jacob Ed.

The Wolverines return to the mat on Thursday, traveling to Apple Valley for what should be another tough match.

Polk County Middle 63, Brevard Middle 42
78: Brody Wolfe (PC) p. Taylor
85; Connor Ahlert (PC) by forfeit
92: Alex Martin (PC) p. Galloway
100: Cisom (B) p. Evan McCraw
108: Carson Bell (PC) p. Resendiz
115: Turner Loveland (PC) by forfeit
122: Sazzer (B) p. Andres Sanchez
128: Aaron Jackson (PC) by forfeit
134: Styler Blackwell (PC) by forfeit
140: Shatter Johnson (PC) d. Bailey, 10-5
147: Jacob Ed (PC) p. McCall
154: Weaver (B) p. Zalen McCraw
162: Weaver (B) p. Aaron Dickey
172: Browne (B) p. Gabe Towne
184: Phillip Pike (PC) by forfeit
197: Galloway (B) p. Colt Love
220: Gomez (B) by forfeit
HVY: Wyatt McCall (PC) by forfeit

Rugby Middle 60, Polk County Middle 48
78: Brody Wolfe (PC) by forfeit
85: Connor Ahlert (PC) p. Grecigi
92: Kachilo (R) p. Alex Martin
100: McMinn (R) p. Evan McCraw
108: Carson Bell (PC) p. White
115: Thors (R) by forfeit
122: Turner Loveland (PC) p. Conley
128: Holmes (R) p. Aaron Jackson
134: Styler Blackwell (PC) p. White
140: Shatter Johnson (PC) by forfeit
147: Jacob Ed (PC) p. McKenzie
154: Hare (R) p. Zalen McCraw
162: Carver (R) p. Gabe Towne
172: Aaron Dickey (PC) p. Delgado-Vera
184: Bell (R) p. Phillip Pike
197: Blankenship (R) p. Colt Love
222: Roberts (R) p. Wyatt McCraw
HVY: Suttles (R) by forfeit