Greyson Ball

Polk County seniors Greyson Ball and Braxton Edwards have been named to the 2021 Mountain Foothills 7 boys soccer all-conference squad.

Ball served as Polk County’s goalkeeper for the past three seasons while Edwards anchored the Wolverine defense.

East Rutherford’s Sergio Merida was named the league’s offensive player of the year, with Hendersonville’s Matthew Canning named the top defensive player. Hendersonville head coach Stuart Scott was named the league’s coach of the year.

The full MF7 All-Conference boys soccer squad:

Brevard: Townsend Dierauf, Parker Sisney, Jaxon Turner

Chase: Bryan Fabian-Sixtos, Alejando Jimenez

East Rutherford: Kelden Bostic, Raymundo Chino-Mendoza, Roberto Lopez, Sergio Merida

Hendersonville: Matthew Canning, Nick Hampton, Cooper King, Harrison Moss, Liam Scott, Jude Webster

Patton: Xavier Bernabe, Alex Buckner, Collin Callahan, Charles Morales, Connor Rudisill

Polk County: Greyson Ball, Braxton Edwards

R-S Central: Jackson Knox

Polk County defender Braxton Edwards