Unprecedented times have put us in places of unexpected separation and isolation. Regular schedules and seasons have been disrupted and many are left wondering, “What now?”

Not everyone is okay with school being cancelled or delayed for the remainder of the year. Many of us are actually passionate about our work and the role we play in our students’ lives. Usually, this time of the year, most fall and winter sports are conditioning. Coaches are preparing for the summer and next season.

So we had to come up with way to stay connected with the team. With all this time and being around the house, we have sent out indoor and outside workout routines.

The goal and purpose is clear – if you don’t come out of this quarantine with a new skill or more knowledge, you never lacked time, you lacked discipline… that is our battle cry.

We have been texting, emailing on the basketball team app, bouncing concepts off our players and trying to keep them sharp… in pictures, in slogans, that hit on the following themes – SELF KNOWLEDGE , GOAL SETTING, MENTAL TOUGHNESS, MOTIVATION, PRESENT MOMENT, CONFIDENCE, REST and SLEEP.

We make at least one personal phone call each week, checking on the online learning progress, nutritional need and any issue that might have them stumped at the moment.

The kids are very positive and have found ways to enjoy this time away. We have several that are actually working, doing physical labor around the house. Just growing up.

Limitations are not our enemies, but opportunities, and our guys are making the most out of it.