Polk County’s track and field program will celebrate the holiday season Wednesday with healthy competition, humor and a focus on those less fortunate and struggling.

The Wolverines will hold the 7th Annual Reindeer Games on Wednesday beginning at 4 p.m. in Wolverine Stadium. The annual meet, the brainchild of Polk County assistant coach Amanda Simoncic, is both a track meet and an effort to raise both awareness and help the needy.

The purpose of the Reindeer Games is to help provide food for the needy over the holiday season. An “entry fee” of one can of food per athlete (or $2) will be collected. Spectators will also be “charged” 1 can of food for admission or $5. All cans of food will be donated to Thermal Belt Outreach Ministry.

On the track, times, heights and distances will count for state meet qualifying, But some added events will be held that are not normally part of indoor meets. There will be, for example, a Field Event 4 x 100 relay, limited only to field event athletes.

Polk County collected more than 2,000 cans of food at last year’s Reindeer Games for distribution to those in need of assistance. This year, the school that provides the most cans will once again receive a special award.

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