Polk County currently has the 18th highest RPI rating among 2A West football teams

NCHSAA releases first RPI ratings for football, boys soccer, volleyball

The North Carolina High School Athletic Association has released the first set of RPI ratings for football, volleyball and boys soccer.

The RPI ratings are a new component that will be used by the NCHSAA to help seed and determine qualifiers for state playoffs. The RPI is a combination of several factors:

  • A team’s winning percentage (WP)
  • The winning percentage of a team’s opponents (OWP)
  • The winning percentage of a team’s opponents’ opponents (OOWP)

The RPI is calculated with this formula: RPI = (0.3 x WP) + (0.4 x OWP) + (0.3 x OOWP)

There are some other provisions included when calculating the RPI:

  • The OWP is determined using the average winning percentage of the opponents and not based on combined won-loss record
  • Games involving the team for whom the RPI is being calculated are not included in the opponents’ totals
  • Games involving out-of-state opponents are counted the same as in-state if they are from these states – Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia – and have a verified schedule.
    Their direct winning percentage (for example, .750) will count toward the formula, but each of their opponents will have a .500 winning percentage assigned.

For Polk County, the Mountain Foothills 7 Conference receives two automatic playoff berths in each sport. Other qualifiers will be determined based on RPI. Once qualifiers are decided, conference champions will be seeded based on RPI, with all other teams then seeded based on RPI regardless of conference finish.

Here are the current rankings for each Polk County sport and a link to the full rankings:

  • Boys Soccer: Polk County is 32nd out of 53 teams in the 2A West. The top five schools are Lincolnton, Owen, Salisbury, Hendersonville and Walkertown.
  • Football: Polk County is 18th out of 53 teams in the 2A West. The top five schools are Reidsville, Shelby, East Surry, Salisbury and Bunker Hill.
  • Volleyball: Polk County is 26th out of 53 teams in the 2A West. The top five schools are East Surry, McMichael, Southwestern Randolph, Surry Central and Mount Pleasant.

There will be 32 playoff qualifiers from the 2A West in each sport.

The NCHSAA will update the RPI ratings continuously for the rest of the season.