Former Polk County athletic standout and girls basketball coach Chris Mintz

Catching Up With. . . Chris Mintz

Editor’s note: PolkSports is launching a new feature that will publish periodically called Catching Up With.

Catching Up With will feature a former Polk County athlete or coach, asking them a few questions about what they’re doing at present. Anyone wishing to suggest someone for Catching Up With can email that suggestion to

The feature begins today with former Polk County athlete and girls basketball coach Chris Mintz. After a stellar coaching career at Cherokee, Mintz is now in his first season at Cocke County (TN) High, where he has led the girls basketball team to a 13-9 record to date.

PS: How does it feel to be coaching once again, and what were the best and worst parts about being away from the sidelines for a season?
Mintz: It’s really nice to be coaching again. It is something that I love and enjoy doing. The year off was a blessing as I had several family issues that I would have needed time off for, and this gave me the time to handle those.

PS: What appealed to you about the Cocke County job to get you back into coaching?
Mintz: I wanted to stay within pretty close driving distance to Cherokee and Polk so we could still see our families. This has been a joy as the school has been super-supportive of me and the girls.

Chris Mintz is in his first season as head girls basketball coach at Cocke County (TN) High School (photo courtesy Chris Mintz)

PS: You’re starting to close in on 400 career victories as a coach. What do milestones such as that mean to you?
Mintz: I’m getting old. . . I’ve been blessed with great players and have been fortunate to coach at good places. I couldn’t have gotten this far without Polk County believing in me when I was a really young coach to take over, so that’s helped.

PS: Is there anything learned from your time at Polk County that you still rely on today as a coach?
Mintz: I had to learn on the fly as I was such a young coach. I’m grateful for that opportunity and it made me such a better coach.

PS: Coaching again, two grandchildren, one son playing college football, another to do so next season – it must be a blessed but busy life.
Mintz: I have been very fortunate to have great kids and family. It’s been a busy but fun ride. I know I’m gonna miss it when it’s over.