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Avery vs Polk County

1 - 8
Full Time


1. Tana Harris (PC) d. Cassie Bailey 10-3; 2. Julia Griffin (PC) d. Emma Kitchin 10-1; 3. Sara Muse (PC) d. Lilly Markland 10-0; 4. Ava Marino (PC) d. Kennedy Bindlechner 10-0; 5. Emma Bentley (A) d. Madi Pruette 10-8; 6. Victoria Bolling (PC) d. Abigail Crosby 10-4.

1. Harris-Griffin (PC) d. Bailey-Kitchin 8-1; 2. Muse-Marino (PC) d. Markland-Bindlechner 8-0; 3. Pruette-Bolling (PC) d. Bentley-Crosby 8-0.

Polk County

Player Singles Win Singles Loss Doubles Win Doubles Loss
Madi Pruette0100
Sara Muse1100
Tana Harris1100
Ava Marino1100
Julia Griffin1100
Victoria Bolling1100


Avery High School
341 Avery Co High School Rd, Newland, NC 28657, USA

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