Player Ranking

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Taylor RednerRugby blanks Polk Middle in girls soccer home opener12
Griffin PetersonNot the one: Wolverines’ good fortune in 1-0 matches ends8
James MessinalClovers6
Caelan GaulPolk County4
Ella WaldmanPolk County3
Scout HarmonPolk County2
Gabby SavaiaPolk County Middle2
Belen AkersPolk County2
Hayden BlackwellPolk County2
Caroline TaylorPolk County2
Leah DotsonPolk County2
Charley Dusenbury-1
Reeve CarrollPolk County Middle1
Christofer GrassRugby blanks Polk Middle in girls soccer home opener1
David HawkinsClovers1
Jessica BairdPolk County1
Kylie LewisPolk County1
Nick RodgersClovers1
Sarah RussellPolk County JV0
Haven WilkinsPolk County Middle0
Megan AllisonPolk County0
Marleigh HuntPolk County Middle0
Jimena RamirezPolk County JV0
Mireya RomanPolk County0
Adelyn PenaPolk County Middle0
Citlhaly GuerreroPolk County JV0
Jenna BrownPolk County Middle0
Raney TallonPolk County Middle0
Taylor ClarkPolk County JV0
Taytem JohnsonPolk County0
Molly JusticePolk County Middle0
Christian NetteronRugby blanks Polk Middle in girls soccer home opener0
Susanna AshworthPolk County0
Cassidy AshPolk County JV0
Alana BallewPolk County JV0
Ivey MoorePolk County Middle0
Jill BrownPolk County Middle0
Jillian BrownPolk County Middle0
Reese AlleyPolk County0
Katelynn CarambotPolk County Middle0
Mina AufgebauerPolk County0
Jamilett RamirezPolk County0
Tyra MartinPolk County JV0
Virginia ThenPolk County Middle0
Jasmin RomanPolk County JV0
Jatziry RomanPolk County Middle0
Susannah AshworthPolk County0
Kimberly BradleyPolk County Middle0
Hannah HendersonPolk County JV0
Jen GuerreroPolk County0
Katie CothranPolk County JV0
Marilyn CastilloPolk County0
Lauren WilsonPolk County0
Keirsten FletcherPolk County Middle0
Shayla CarterPolk County Middle0
Lauren DotsonPolk County0
Julia GriffinPolk County0
Taylor DeelPolk County Middle0
Michelle HernandezPolk County Middle0
Allie QuoylePolk County JV0
Nathalie RamirezPolk County0
Kiah MillerPolk County Middle0
Mariana ClarosPolk County Middle0
Heaven VillarrealPolk County Middle0
Patricia SantibanezPolk County0
Natalie SerranoPolk County Middle0
Ashlyn RamseyPolk County JV0
Jocelynn RamirezPolk County0
Carolina CastilloPolk County JV0
Sara MusePolk County0
Zaelea EllerPolk County JV0
Sydney WaldmanPolk County0
Rollins CarterPolk County0
Katie Campuzano-GomezPolk County JV0
Jasmine BairdPolk County0
Charlie DusenburyPolk County Middle0
Emily GaulPolk County0
Leah Savaia-0
Mark IronsonClovers0
Kirsten CarambotPolk County JV0
Storielane WhitesidePolk County Middle0
Luna GonzalezPolk County JV0
Khloe KitchenPolk County Middle0
Brian KingsterClovers0
Mia WolfePolk County JV0
Thomas BlackNot the one: Wolverines’ good fortune in 1-0 matches ends0
Esmeralda BaltazarPolk County JV0
Hurley BellPolk County Middle0
Caroline EmoryPolk County0
Sasha WatsonPolk County0
Diana SantibanezPolk County JV0
Caroline WorthingtonPolk County JV0
Spike ArrowheadNot the one: Wolverines’ good fortune in 1-0 matches ends0
Daniela SantibanezPolk County JV0
Kinsley HuskeyPolk County0
Hannah ApontePolk County Middle0
Maggie JohnsonPolk County JV0
Kenley Savaia-0
Cate BrownPolk County Middle0
Allison KennedyPolk County JV0
Courtney WatersPolk County JV0
Mya FreemanPolk County Middle0
Sydney MetcalfPolk County0
Maggie McCammonPolk County0
Klara DiazPolk County0
Arie ParmallePolk County Middle0
Anna JacksonPolk County0
Alexis GarlandPolk County JV0
Vanessa RaposaPolk County Middle0
Elena CarrollPolk County0
Franklin StevensBloody Wave0
Natalie Eberlin-MorganPolk County Middle0
Jeimy CastilloPolk County JV0
Aria ShieldsPolk County0
Tana HarrisPolk County JV0
Katie MulletPolk County0
Katie Capuzano-GomezPolk County0
Kylee WatersPolk County Middle0
Lilly BroachPolk County Middle0
Adalyn PenaPolk County Middle0
Ava MarinoPolk County0
Madison GeddingsPolk County0
Ivy OviedoPolk County Middle0
Samantha ChavezPolk County JV0
Amberina JennePolk County Middle0
Shania CunninghamPolk County JV0
Sophia OverholtPolk County Middle0
Chloe NicholsonPolk County Middle0
Madi SmithPolk County0
Grace SettlesPolk County Middle0