Braxton Edwards and Lauren Dotson work on painting the storage building at Harmon Field.

Polk County’s cross country team spent Saturday morning involved in a project to help serve the community.

Athletes gathered early Saturday morning at Harmon Field, where head coach Alan Peoples treated the team to a pancake breakfast sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Tryon. That helped the athletes fuel up for four hours of hard work at a venue which the team routinely uses for practices.

Once fed, the runners began working on painting the large storage building at the field. Several athletes were assigned to roll the walls while others were assigned to touch up the spaces between the boards. A few runners tackled painting Morris the Horse, a few were assigned to the doors that required two colors for effect and several coaches manned the ladders to get the high places in the eaves.

Family members even joined the action; Mark Teague’s mom painted while Braxton Edwards’ grandmother helped paint, get new rollers and brushes ready and led the clean-up crew.

After four hard hours of work by Olivia Overholt, Braxton Edwards, Syler Purtill, Chris Rickman, Michael Simoncic, Mark Teague, Jackson Geddings, Lauren Dotson, Broddy Reynolds, Tori Thompson, Lyndsey Jenkins and Gus Maas , the group was rewarded by a large number of people who drove by and offered verbal support and praise.

Photo Gallery: Cross country team paints at Harmon Field