Wolverine Wrestling Club members celebrate their showing at Saturday's tournament (photo courtesy WWC)

Wolverine Wrestling Club members brought home a handful of top finishes Saturday from the North Carolina Wrestling Association for Youth (NCWAY) state championship tournament in Fayetteville.

Jon Levi led WWC, winning the middle school 220 class. WWC also got second-place efforts from Aiden Billings at middle school 113, Styler Blackwell at middle school 152 and Kellen Dedmon at 6U 40.

WWC placed ninth in the team standings at the meet, which included competitors from some 70 clubs.

6U 40
Round 1 – Luke Rodriguez (Outlaws Wrestling) p. Kellan Dedmon (WWC) (Fall 1:45)
Round 2 – Kellan Dedmon (WWC) p. Declan Speight (North Carolina Wrestling Facto) (Fall 0:15)
Round 3 – Kellan Dedmon (WWC) p. Austin Paquette (Pinning Pythons) (Fall 0:24)

8U 75
Round 1 – Boaz Wilson (WWC) p. Jordan Campos (BeastWorks Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:36)
Round 2 – Boaz Wilson (WWC) p. Christopher Harrison (Spartan Elite) (Fall 1:44)
Round 4 – Jett Baggett (North Carolina Wrestling Facto) p. Boaz Wilson (WWC) (Fall 2:00)
Round 5 – Rayden Nuanez (BeastWorks Wrestling Club) p. Boaz Wilson (WWC) (Fall 1:53)

Round 1 – Caleb Dee (NC Pride Wrestling) d. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Dec 5-0)
Round 2 – Kyedan George (Havelock Mat Rats) p. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Fall 0:21)
Round 3 – Miguel Rosario V (Pinning Pythons) d. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Dec 2-0)

12U 90
Round 1 – Brody Wolfe (WWC) d. Will Farnham (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) (Dec 8-3)
Round 2 – Gabe DeFreitas (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) d. Brody Wolfe (WWC) (Dec 7-0)
Round 3 – Brody Wolfe (WWC) p. Zachary Noe (Port City Pirates) (Fall 3:48)

12U 95
Round 1 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Jackson Knox (Tar River Wrestling) (Fall 1:13)
Round 2 – Robbie Provo (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) d. Efrain Rivera (WWC) (Dec 6-2)
Round 4 – Jake Amiott (Sly Fox Wrestling) tech. fall Efrain Rivera (WWC) (TF 16-1)
Round 5 – Coy Greer (App Youth) tech. fall Efrain Rivera (WWC) (TF 16-0)

12U 150
Quarterfinal – Chester Wilson (WWC) p. Dalton Fazio (Pasquotank Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:25)
Semifinal – Wade Harty (Spartan Elite Wrestling) p. Chester Wilson (WWC) (Fall 1:22)
Cons. Semi – Brieon Mayfield (Pinning Pythons) maj. dec. Chester Wilson (WWC) (Maj 9-0)

Middle School 98
Quarterfinal – Connor Reed (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) p. Conner Ahlert (WWC) (Fall 1:05)
Cons. Round 1 – Conner Ahlert (WWC) p. Mason Mahlum (Highland Vikings) (Fall 2:33)
Cons. Semi – Alexander May (828 Wrestling Club) p. Conner Ahlert (WWC) (Fall 0:35)

Middle School 106
Quarterfinal – Brett Graves (North Carolina Wrestling Facto) p. Evan McCraw (WWC) (Fall 1:30)
Cons. Round 2 – Jaylen Bennett (Ministry on the Mat) d. Evan McCraw (WWC) (Dec 7-3)

Middle School 113
Champ. Round 1 – Aiden Billings (WWC) d. Justus Doyle (Dynamic Elite Wrestling Club) (Dec 11-9)
Quarterfinal – Aiden Billings (WWC) p. Kade Taylor (BeastWorks Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:05)
Semifinal – Aiden Billings (WWC) d. Robert Howard (Highland Vikings) (Dec 13-10)
1st Place Match – James Campos (BeastWorks Wrestling Club) p. Aiden Billings (WWC) (Fall 0:39)
2nd Place Match – Aiden Billings (WWC) won by no contest over Justus Doyle (Dynamic Elite Wrestling Club) (NC)

Middle School 120
Quarterfinal – Nathan Howard (Combat Athletics) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 0:40)
Cons. Semi – Jackson Walker (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) d. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Dec 6-5)

Middle School 120
Quarterfinal – Jackson Walker (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) maj. dec. Carson Bell (WWC) (Maj 15-6)
Cons. Round 1 – Carson Bell (WWC) p. Haiden Brader (Pasquotank Wrestling Club) (Fall 4:18)
Cons. Semi – Donovan Gunn (Sly Fox Wrestling) p. Carson Bell (WWC) (Fall 3:37)

Middle School 138
Champ. Round 1 – Zach McCraw (WWC) p. Jaden Bryant (Kig Pin) (Fall 2:31)
Quarterfinal – Gabriel Gonzalez (Highland Vikings) p. Zach McCraw (WWC) (Fall 2:16)
Cons. Round 2 – Zach McCraw (WWC) p. Jeremiah Duffy (Kig Pin) (Fall 2:22)
Cons. Round 3 – Jace Rich (Southern Alamance Middle) tech. fall Zach McCraw (WWC) (TF 15-0)

Middle School 152
Quarterfinal – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Cole Harrison (RMR) (Fall 2:52)
Semifinal – Jack Harty (Spartan Elite Wrestling) maj. dec. Styler Blackwell (WWC) (Maj 9-0)
Cons. Semi – Styler Blackwell (WWC) maj. dec. Weston Norton (Core Wrestling) (Maj 16-3)
3rd Place Match – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Cole Harrison (RMR) (Fall 3:28)
2nd Place Match – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Kenan Smith (Scotland Athletic Club) (Fall 3:17)

Middle School 170
Round 1 – Zalen McCraw (WWC) p. Eric McKinney, Ii (Outlaws Wrestling) (Fall 2:33)
Round 2 – Dominic Blue (NC Pride Wrestling) d. Zalen McCraw (WWC) (Dec 7-1)
Round 4 – Marcus Cherry (BeastWorks Wrestling Club) d. Zalen McCraw (WWC) (Dec 3-2)
Round 5 – Zalen McCraw (WWC) maj. dec. Gavin Lopez (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) (Maj 12-4)

Middle School 220
Round 2 – Jon Levi (WWC) p. Bobby Gibson (Kig Pin) (Fall 0:39)
Round 3 – Jon Levi (WWC) p. Larry Garrett (Holmes Middle School) (Fall 0:21)

High School 182
Round 1 – Nicholas Harris (Warrior Wrestling) d. Felix Montiel (WWC) (Dec 15-9)
Round 3 – Felix Montiel (WWC) maj. dec. Nate De La Cruz (Outlaws Wrestling) (Maj 10-0)
Round 4 – Felix Montiel (WWC) d. Carter Lusk (Devil Dogs Wrestling) (Dec 5-1)
Round 5 – Bryston Desousa (dixon high school) p. Felix Montiel (WWC) (Fall 2:34)