Wolverine Wrestling Club wrestlers land top-two finishes at AAU state meet

Wolverine Wrestling Club wrestlers brought home five top-two finishes from the 2022 NC AAU State Championships in Concord.

Kade Wilson took top honors in the Bantam 65-70 division while Dominic Ramirez, Boaz Wilson, Brooks Madison and Styler Blackwell all earned runner-up finishes.

Tot 35-40
Round 1 – Asher Lonon (Ashe Youth Wrestling) p. Dominic Ramirez (WWC) (Fall 2:21)
Round 2 – Dominic Ramirez (WWC) p. Gunnar Byrd (Believe to Achieve) (Fall 0:10)
Round 3 – Dominic Ramirez (WWC) p. Lincoln Benfield (Believe to Achieve) (Fall 0:35)
Round 5 – Dominic Ramirez (WWC) won by tech fall over Hailey McIntosh (Believe to Achieve) (TF 16-0)

Bantam 65-70
Round 1 – Kade Wilson (WWC) p. Ryder Griffin (Lost Boyz) (Fall 1:41)
Round 2 – Kade Wilson (WWC) maj. dec. Ryder Griffin (Lost Boyz) (Maj 12-2)

Bantam 75-80
Round 1 – Ryker Williams (Trojan Wrestling Club) p. Boaz Wilson (WWC) (Fall 1:49)
Round 3 – Boaz Wilson (WWC) p. Mason McIntosh (Believe to Achieve) (Fall 1:44)

Midget 60-65
Champ. Round 1 – Eric Ramirez (WWC) p. Landon Bradford (Pinning Pythons) (Fall 1:54)
Quarterfinal – Chase Michael Davis (Darkhorse Wrestling) p. Eric Ramirez (WWC) (Fall 0:30)
Cons. Round 3 – Killian Ormond (Pinning Pythons) p. Eric Ramirez (WWC) (Fall 1:33)

Midget 90-103
Round 1 – Maximilian White (C2X Academy) d. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Dec 8-1)
Round 2 – Maximilian White (C2X Academy) d. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Dec 9-2)

Schoolboy 85-90
Quarterfinal – Efrain Rivera (WWC) maj. dec. Tanner Bragg (WCWAA/Weddington) (Maj 13-1)
Semifinal – Garrison Raper (Darkhorse Wrestling) maj. dec. Efrain Rivera (WWC) (Maj 11-0)
Cons. Semi – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Rhodes Shaw (West Wilkes) (Fall 2:20)
3rd Place Match – Efrain Rivera (WWC) d. Joseph Little (Reaper`s Realm Wrestling) (Dec 9-4)
2nd Place Match – Ayven Virasone (Montgomery central) p. Efrain Rivera (WWC) (Fall 2:52)

Schoolboy 150
Round 1 – Jack Harty (Spartan Elite Greensboro) d. Styler Blackwell (WWC) (Dec 8-1)
Round 2 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Brieon Mayfield (Pinning Pythons) (Fall 2:00)
Round 3 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Weston Norton (Core Wrestling) (Fall 3:44)

Cadet 120
Quarterfinal – William Tehandon (Combat Athletics) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 0:32)
Cons. Round 2 – Amon Villarreal (WWC) d. Knari Bailey (Combat Athletics) (Dec 6-2)
Cons. Round 3 – Kyle Snyder (Piedmont) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 1:21)