Wolverine Wrestling Club scores two titles at YONA Youth Wrestling Championship

Wolverine Wrestling Club athletes earned two division victories Saturday at the YONA Youth Wrestling Championship at Harrah`s Cherokee Casino Convention Center in Cherokee.

Frankie Montiel claimed the 8U heavyweight title and Efrain Rivera won the 12U 90 class to lead WWC’s efforts for the day.

Brody Wolfe, Zach McCraw and Styler Blackwell each added third-place efforts in the individual tournament.

Wrestlers from more than 70 teams were slated to participate in the event.

Round 1 – Frankie Montiel (WWC) p. Sam Lomas (Qualla Clans Wrestling) (Fall 1:22)
Round 2 – Frankie Montiel (WWC) p. Sam Lomas (Qualla Clans Wrestling) (Fall 2:20)

10U 50/55
Round 1 – Ryan Hill (SPARTANBURG WRESTLING CLUB) p. Graham Surface (WWC) (Fall 2:55)
Round 2 – Ronan Smith (Port City Pirates) d. Graham Surface (WWC) (Dec 6-0)
Round 3 – Graham Surface (WWC) p. Hais Thao (Combat Athletics) (Fall 1:53)
Round 4 – Dawson Grady (Mooresville Wrestling Club) maj. dec. Graham Surface (WWC) (Maj 8-0)
Round 5 – Graham Surface (WWC) p. Peyton Arch (Qualla Clans Wrestling) (Fall 1:27)

10U 95/106
Round 1 – Daniel Evans (Spartan Elite) p. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Fall 1:16)
Round 2 – Colton Harris (Appalachian Youth Wrestling) p. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Fall 0:53)
Round 3 – Colton Small (Smoky Mountain Youth Wrestling) p. Frankie Montiel (WWC) (Fall 0:32)

12U 90
Quarterfinal – Zander Lucksavage (Peak Wrestling) d. Brody Wolfe (WWC) (Dec 6-4)
Cons. Round 1 – Brody Wolfe (WWC) p. Jaylen Melton (Power Cross) (Fall 3:40)
Cons. Semi – Brody Wolfe (WWC) p. Jonathan Pritz (Combat Athletics) (Fall 2:39)
3rd Place Match – Brody Wolfe (WWC) d. Daniel Graham (Madison wrestling club) (Dec 8-2)

12U 90
Semifinal – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Jonathan Pritz (Combat Athletics) (Fall 2:41)
1st Place Match – Efrain Rivera (WWC) d. Michael Woodard (Haywood Elite) (Dec 9-7)

Middle School 98
Quarterfinal – Conner Ahlert (WWC) p. Fabian Alers (Tribe Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:06)
Semifinal – Aidan Szewczyk (Combat Athletics) p. Conner Ahlert (WWC) (Fall 0:56)
Cons. Semi – Conner Ahlert (WWC) d. Ashton Dancy (Tribe Wrestling Club) (Dec 12-8)
3rd Place Match – Zane Taylor (Tribe Wrestling Club) p. Conner Ahlert (WWC) (Fall 3:37)

Middle School 106
Champ. Round 1 – Jace Barrier (Combat Athletics) p. Evan McCraw (WWC) (Fall 1:21)
Cons. Round 2 – Evan McCraw (WWC) p. Tegan Werner (PEAK) (Fall 1:18)
Cons. Round 3 – Cayden McDonald (Combat Athletics) p. Evan McCraw (WWC) (Fall 2:38)

Middle School 113
Quarterfinal – Aiden Billings (WWC) d. Lucas Davis (Lost Boyz) (Dec 11-10)
Semifinal – Nicholas Arado (Darkhorse Wrestling) p. Aiden Billings (WWC) (Fall 1:14)
Cons. Semi – Christian Gibson (Haywood Elite) p. Aiden Billings (WWC) (Fall 0:50)

Middle School 120
Champ. Round 1 – Amon Villarreal (WWC) d. Korie Clark (Combat Athletics) (Dec 11-4)
Quarterfinal – Luke Hyde (PEAK) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 1:09)
Cons. Round 3 – Amon Villarreal (WWC) p. King Orvosh (Combat Athletics) (Fall 2:42)
Cons. Semi – Aaron Ellison (NC Pride Wrestling) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 2:24)

Middle School 126
Quarterfinal – Tiajtus Thao (Combat Athletics) won by tech fall over Amon Villarreal (WWC) (TF 16-0)
Cons. Round 3 – Amon Villarreal (WWC) p. Jonathan Manos (KLAW WRESTLING) (Fall 0:28)
Cons. Semi – Tommy Price (Lost Boyz) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 2:43)

Middle School 138
Quarterfinal – Zach McCraw (WWC) p. Dallas Pedersen (Lost Boyz) (Fall 2:00)
Semifinal – Kavan Wilson (Haywood Elite) p. Zach McCraw (WWC) (Fall 0:50)
Cons. Semi – Zach McCraw (WWC) p. Tasia Neadeau (Kolanvyi) (Fall 2:37)
3rd Place Match – Zach McCraw (WWC) p. Ford Wellman (unaffiliated) (Fall 2:12)

Middle School 152
Round 1 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Pippa Welch (Swain county) (Fall 0:18)
Round 2 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) d. Eli Morris (CHAOS) (Dec 5-0)
Round 3 – Jack Harty (Spartan Elite) maj. dec. Styler Blackwell (WWC) (Maj 11-3)
Round 4 – Zamonte Bruen (Tribe Wrestling Club) p. Styler Blackwell (WWC) (Fall 1:22)

Middle School 192
Round 1 – Ethan Fowler (WWC) p. Sean Whorton (KLAW WRESTLING) (Fall 1:23)
Round 2 – Victor Velasco (Tribe Wrestling Club) p. Ethan Fowler (WWC) (Fall 1:22)
Round 3 – David Di Leo (Combat Athletics) p. Ethan Fowler (WWC) (Fall 2:10)

Middle School 220
Quarterfinal – Dominic Davis (Lost Boyz) p. Kamron Montgomery (WWC) (Fall 0:22)
Cons. Round 1 – Alex Caldwell (Haywood Elite) p. Kamron Montgomery (WWC) (Fall 0:51)

Middle School 220
Quarterfinal – Jon Levi (WWC) p. Robert Orth (Franklin) (Fall 0:36)
Semifinal – Gage Phalin (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) p. Jon Levi (WWC) (Fall 2:16)
Cons. Semi – Alex Caldwell (Haywood Elite) p. Jon Levi (WWC) (Fall 2:44)