Photo courtesy Wolverine Wrestling Club

Wolverine Wrestling Club racks up top-two efforts at Newberry tourney

Wolverine Wrestling Club wrestlers brought home eight top-two finishes from Saturday’s Wolf Den Challenge Open in Newberry, S.C.

Three wrestlers – JP Branyon, Gage Shehan and Efrain Rivera – had division wins while Chester Wilson, Styler Blackwell, Zalen McCraw, Amon Villarreal and Kamron Montgomery all earned second-place finishes.

Wrestlers from 52 clubs competed in the event held at Newberry College.

6-Under Open 38
Quarterfinal – Colton Davis (Team Tigers) p. Gabe Wilson (WWC) (Fall 1:17)
Cons. Round 1 – Gabe Wilson (WWC) d. Ciro Staropoli (Mafia Wrestling Crew) (Dec 16-9)
Cons. Semi – Mason Whitfield (Team Tigers) p. Gabe Wilson (WWC) (Fall 0:33)

8-under Open 72
Quarterfinal – Boaz Wilson (WWC) p. Dylan Pomranky (Rivertown Wolves) (Fall 0:41)
Semifinal – Boaz Wilson (WWC) maj. dec. Silas How (Ninety Six Wrestling) (Maj 13-1)
1st Place Match – Gavin Rush (KC Elite Training Center) p. Boaz Wilson (WWC) (Fall 0:52)
2nd Place Match – Jeramiah Hagood (Team Tigers) won by forfeit over Boaz Wilson (WWC) (FF)

8-under Rookie/Novice 55
Quarterfinal – Kash Mitchell (WWC) d. Jamie Mansfield (Cane Bay Cobras) (Dec 7-5)
Semifinal – Ellison Gibert (Ninety Six Wrestling) d. Kash Mitchell (WWC) (Dec 11-8)
Cons. Semi – Kash Mitchell (WWC) p. Stephen Howle (Ninety Six Wrestling) (Fall 2:02)
3rd Place Match – James Settle (Eastside Youth Wrestling) d. Kash Mitchell (WWC) (Dec 10-5)

8-under Rookie/Novice 72
Round 1 – Jeramiah Hagood (Team Tigers) p. Tucker Ayers (WWC) (Fall 0:09)
Round 2 – Tucker Ayers (WWC) d. Everett Payne (Team Bear Wrestling Club) (Dec 8-7)
Round 3 – Liam O`Neill (Gaston Grizzlies) p. Tucker Ayers (WWC) (Fall 0:25)
Round 5 – David Bodford Jr (West Wateree Wrestling Club) p. Tucker Ayers (WWC) (Fall 2:56)

10-under Open 50/54
Quarterfinal – Graham Surface (WWC) p. Lawson Tran (Lexington Youth Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:28)
Semifinal – Ryan Hill (Team Bear Wrestling Club) d. Graham Surface (WWC) (Dec 6-0)
Cons. Semi – Graham Surface (WWC) maj. dec. Gavin Hood (Cane Bay Cobras) (Maj 13-5)
3rd Place Match – Kayven Sims (Cane Bay Cobras) maj. dec. Graham Surface (WWC) (Maj 9-0)

10-under Open 75
Quarterfinal – Rhys Jackson (WWC) won by forfeit over Jaxon Ridyk Brooks (Team Bear Wrestling Club) (FF)
Semifinal – Zac Schrader (Eastside Youth Wrestling) p. Rhys Jackson (WWC) (Fall 0:30)
Cons. Semi – Rj Whorton (Darkhorse Wrestling Club) d. Rhys Jackson (WWC) (Dec 6-0)

10-under Open 85
Round 1 – Jase Brown (Coastal Elite) p. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Fall 0:44)
Round 2 – Cameron Lotito (Mafia Wrestling Crew) d. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Dec 8-2)
Round 3 – Brooks Madison (WWC) p. Brett Ballard (Jet) (Fall 1:23)
Round 4 – Aj Price (Eastside Youth Wrestling) p. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Fall 2:46)
Round 5 – Grayson Sloan (Eastside Youth Wrestling) p. Brooks Madison (WWC) (Fall 0:26)

10-under Open HWT
Round 1 – JP Branyon (WWC) p. Grady Baggett (Summerville Takedown Club) (Fall 0:34)
Round 3 – JP Branyon (WWC) p. Coy Barnett (Tomahawk Youth Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:19)

10-under Rookie/Novice 105/115
Round 1 – Gage Shehan (WWC) p. Dominik Elliott (Cane Bay Cobras) (Fall 2:37)
Round 3 – Gage Shehan (WWC) p. Liam Braswell (Lexington Youth Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:26)

10-under Rookie/Novice HWT
Round 1 – Coy Barnett (Tomahawk Youth Wrestling Club) p. Jp Branyon (WWC) (Fall 0:26)
Round 2 – Jp Branyon (WWC) p. Garrett Harmon (Chapin Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:23)
Round 3 – Owen Grumelot (Team Bear Wrestling Club) p. Jp Branyon (WWC) (Fall 0:30)
Round 5 – Jp Branyon (WWC) p. Mac Bowers (Jet) (Fall 1:36)

12-under Open 85
Quarterfinal – Dax Lefevre (Indian Land wrestling club) maj. dec. Mason Jackson (WWC) (Maj 12-1)
Cons. Semi – Jt Milligan (Summerville Takedown Club) p. Mason Jackson (WWC) (Fall 2:50)

12-under Open 90
Round 1 – Grace Beeson (Lexington Youth Wrestling Club) p. Efrain Rivera (WWC) (Fall 2:21)
Round 2 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Carter Lewis (Mafia Wrestling Crew) (Fall 2:35)
Round 3 – Drayton Johnson (Eastside Youth Wrestling) p. Efrain Rivera (WWC) (Fall 1:22)
Round 4 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Jamie Howard-Thompson (Eastside Youth Wrestling) (Fall 1:25)
Round 5 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) won by medical forfeit over Ceanna Owen (Legacy Elite Wrestling) (MFF)

12-under Open 140
Round 1 – Nathan Harris (Team Bear Wrestling Club) p. Chester Wilson (WWC) (Fall 0:59)
Round 2 – Chester Wilson (WWC) d. Drew DeForrest (Carolina Reapers) (Dec 8-5)
Round 3 – Chester Wilson (WWC) p. Brayden Horn (Reverence) (Fall 1:24)
Round 4 – Chester Wilson (WWC) p. Kaiden Turenne (Hard rock Wrestling) (Fall 2:42)
Round 5 – Chester Wilson (WWC) p. ELi Ocheltree (Lexington Youth Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:59)

12-under Rookie/Novice 90
Round 1 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Austin Stiltner (Summerville Takedown Club) (Fall 1:40)
Round 2 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Liam Tinkham (Mafia Wrestling Crew) (Fall 0:31)
Round 3 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) won by forfeit over Andrew Avery (Mafia Wrestling Crew) (FF)
Round 4 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Tanner Christensen (Summerville Takedown Club) (Fall 0:29)
Round 5 – Efrain Rivera (WWC) p. Brandon Ardis (West Wateree Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:57)

15-under Open 101
Round 2 – Jackson Stocker (Unaffiliated) won by forfeit over Jaxtyn Virgil (WWC) (FF)
Round 3 – Kellen Smouse (Eastside Youth Wrestling) p. Jaxtyn Virgil (WWC) (Fall 1:11)
Round 4 – Aj DeLaCruz (Team Bear Wrestling Club) p. Jaxtyn Virgil (WWC) (Fall 0:34)
Round 5 – James Dean (Team Bear Wrestling Club) won by tech fall over Jaxtyn Virgil (WWC) (TF 16-0)

15-under Open 136
Round 1 – Gabe Rush (Valhalla Wrestling Club) p. Zach Mccraw (WWC) (Fall 1:50)
Round 3 – Tyler Gage Amaker (Legacy Elite Wrestling) p. Zach Mccraw (WWC) (Fall 2:25)

15-under Open 150
Round 1 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Buck Wilder (None) (Fall 1:14)
Round 2 – Isaac Zane (Team Bear Wrestling Club) p. Styler Blackwell (WWC) (Fall 1:27)
Round 3 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Elijah Gressett (Carolina Reapers) (Fall 0:42)
Round 5 – Styler Blackwell (WWC) p. Averil Brooks (Team Bear Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:42)

15-under Open 170
Round 1 – Zalen Mccraw (WWC) p. Tykala Pruitt (Team Bear Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:19)
Round 2 – Zalen Mccraw (WWC) won in sudden victory – 1 over Jackson Stengel (Unaffiliated) (SV-1 12-7)
Round 3 – Rody Barnett (N/a) d. Zalen Mccraw (WWC) (Dec 8-3)

15-under Rookie/Novice 115/122
Round 2 – Brantley Wood (Rivertown Wolves) p. Amon Villarreal (WWC) (Fall 2:50)
Round 3 – Amon Villarreal (WWC) maj. dec. Chase Rahman (Summerville Takedown Club) (Maj 10-1)

15-under Rookie/Novice HWT
Round 1 – Trey Brazier (Gaston Grizzlies) won by tech fall over Kam Montgomery (WWC) (TF 23-7)
Round 2 – Trey Brazier (Gaston Grizzlies) p. Kam Montgomery (WWC) (Fall 1:17)