Wolverine Wrestling Club members shine at Cross Train Challenge

The Wolverine Wrestling Club had another outstanding outing on Saturday, competing in the Cross Train Challenge in Lenoir.

Three WWC wrestlers earned first place in their divisions. Boaz Wilson took top honors in the Pre K – K 53 class while Kade Wilson finished first in the Pre K – K 45-49 division and Chester Wilson claimed the 3rd-4th Grade 105 division.

The Wolverine Wrestling Club is a local club helping young boys and girls learn the sport of wrestling. Anyone interested in joining the club can contact Russell Wilson at allaboutsepticnc@gmail.com.

Cross Train Challenge results
1st – 2nd grade 43: Graham Surface, 2nd
1st – 2nd grade 62: Brooks Madison, 2nd
1st – 2nd grade 62: Rhys Jackson, 3rd
1st – 2nd grade 70: Brooks Madison, 5th
3rd-4th Grade 67: Liam Jackson, 4th
3rd-4th Grade 67: Jayvin Clark, 5th
3rd-4th Grade 105: Jude Wolfe, 3rd
3rd-4th Grade 105, Chester Wilson, 1st
5th-6th Grade 58-63: Conner Ahlert, 5th
5th-6th Grade 106-118: Durham McEntire, 2nd
5th-6th Grade 135: Styler Blackwell, 2nd
7th – 8th grades 115: Ayden Wolfe, 2nd
Pre K – K 45-49: Eric Ramirez, 2nd
Pre K – K 45-49: Kade Wilson, 1st
Pre K – K 53: Boaz Wilson, 1st

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