Wolverine Wrestling Club athletes opened their 2024 schedule with a full weekend of action at events in North Carolina and Tennessee.

Eight wrestlers from the club traveled to Bandys High School to compete Saturday in the End of Days tournament. More than 300 wrestlers took part in the event, which included competitors ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school.

“We had a great tournament,” said WWC coach Russell Wilson. “It took a few of our wrestlers a few matches to shake off the rust of Christmas break, but I was very pleased with how well everyone wrestled today.”

WWC’s Dominic Ramirez and Rhys Jackson each won their weight classes, with five other wrestlers finishing in the top four.

“We have a good core group of kids that are traveling and competing together each year,” Wilson said. “It is exciting to see them grow as a group and get better each week.”

On Sunday, seven WWC wrestlers traveled to Tennesse and competed in the Bristol Brawl Border Championship, joining a field with more than 600 wrestlers.

“This is always a great tournament to see competition from all over the Southeast,” Wilson said. “This gives the kids a chance to wrestle competition they will not see again.”

WWC’s Chester Wilson scored top honors in the Middle School 160 class, with Silas Amorelli taking second in the Middle School 75 class. Cole Huntley also grabbed fourth in the Middle School 95 class.

“We had one champion and two placers on the day,” Wilson said. “This was a great showing at a very tough tournament.”

Bantam 45

Round 2 – Dominic Ramirez (WWC) d. Kaleb Griffith (Trojans Wrestling Club), 8-2
Round 3 – Dominic Ramirez tech. fall Beau Laws (Unaffiliated), 17-1

Bantam 55
Quarterfinal – Zeke Wilson (WWC) p. Graidyn Roth (Trojans Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:18)
Semifinal – Zeke Wilson p. Henry Walters (Titan Wrestling Academy) (Fall 2:48)
1st Place Match – Kellan Dedmon (Mat Masters) maj. dec. Zeke Wilson, 10-2

Bantam 60
Quarterfinal – Asa Wilson (WWC) won by forfeit over Tanner Jenkins (Trojan Wrestling Club) (FF)
Semifinal – Muhammad Akparov (Tech Fall) d. Asa Wilson, 6-3
Cons. Semi – Asa Wilson d. Cash Boyd (Mountaineer Wrecking Crew), 9-8
3rd Place Match – Brian Grandelli (Mooresville Wrestling Club) p. Asa Wilson (Fall 0:50)

Midget 90/95
Round 1 – Boaz Wilson (WWC) p. Gabriel Kalkan (Mooresville Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:46)
Round 2 – Sullivan Caldwell (Mooresville Wrestling Club) d. Boaz Wilson, 10-5
Round 4 – Boaz Wilson p. Ryder Griffin (Mat Masters) (Fall 1:32)
Round 5 – Boaz Wilson maj. dec. Michael Fitzgerald (Combat Athletics), 16-6

Junior 70
Quarterfinal – Brody Patterson (Sun Valley Youth Wrestling) p. Graham Surface (WWC) (Fall 3:38)
Cons. Round 1 – Alex W. Strobl (Darkhorse Wrestling) d. Graham Surface, 6-0

Junior 80
Round 1 – Chase M Davis (Darkhorse Wrestling) tech. fall Eric Ramirez (WWC), 16-0
Round 2 – Abram Whitaker (Darkhorse Wrestling) p. Eric Ramirez (Fall 0:33)
Round 3 – Eric Ramirez (WWC) d. Lucas Van Gelder (Mooresville Wrestling Club), 10-3

Junior 85
Quarterfinal – Mason Sherrill (Trojans Wrestling Club) p. Eric Ramirez (WWC) (Fall 0:38)
Cons. Round 3 – Waylen Douglas (Locklears Wrestling Club) p. Eric Ramirez (Fall 3:53)

Junior 95/100
Round 1 – Rhys Jackson (WWC) tech. fall Jonah Tuttle (Catawba Rasslin`), 15-0
Round 2 – Rhys Jackson maj. dec. Braxton Baird (Unaffiliated), 12-0
Round 3 – Rhys Jackson p. Ethan Jones (Trojans Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:32)
Round 5 – Rhys Jackson p. Teagan Edwards (Trojans Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:04)

School Boy 100
Quarterfinal – Liam Jackson (WWC) d. Nolan Petit (Mooresville Wrestling Club), 9-7
Semifinal – Bryson Chappell (Haywood Elite) d. Liam Jackson, 7-2
Cons. Semi – Liam Jackson p. Chace Mccord (Darkhorse Wrestling) (Fall 2:24)
3rd Place Match – Adrian Feliciano (Darkhorse Wrestling) p. Liam Jackson (Fall 0:51)

Middle School MS75

Round 1 – Silas Amorelli (WWC) p. Camdyn Gash (Blue Devil Wrestling Club) (Fall 0:43)
Round 3 – Silas Amorelli p. Cameron Cole (WWC) (Fall 1:41)
Round 4 – Mac Jamison (TNWA) p. Silas Amorelli (Fall 1:43)
Round 5 – Silas Amorelli p. Stone Ware (Bees Club) (Fall 3:35)

Middle School MS75
Round 1 – Stone Ware (Bees Club) d. Cameron Cole (WWC), 12-5
Round 2 – Mac Jamison (TNWA) tech. fall Cameron Cole, 15-0
Round 3 – Silas Amorelli (WWC) p. Cameron Cole (Fall 1:41)
Round 4 – Camdyn Gash (Blue Devil Wrestling Club) p. Cameron Cole (Fall 2:56)

Middle School MS95
Round 1 – Jackson Ross Wells (Powhatan Youth Wrestling Club) p. Cole Huntley (WWC) (Fall 0:35)
Round 2 – Cole Huntley (WWC) won by forfeit over Salem Maxfield (Castlewood wrestling club) (FF)
Round 3 – Cooper Sanders (TNWA) tech. fall Cole Huntley, 18-3
Round 4 – DeVante Gash (Blue Devil Wrestling Club) p. Cole Huntley (Fall 0:47)
Round 5 – Cole Huntley (WWC) d. Camden Moore (Reaper Wrestling Club), 18-17

Middle School MS131
Champ. Round 1 – Kade Parlier (Alleghany Wrestling Club) p. Jayvin Clark (WWC) (Fall 2:47)
Cons. Round 2 – Jayvin Clark p. Henry Cocke (Hilltoppers) (Fall 0:31)
Cons. Round 3 – Conrad Thomason (Smith Mountain Lake Wrestling) p. Jayvin Clark (Fall 2:01)

Middle School MS145
Champ. Round 1 – Ford Bowman (TNWA) p. Danny Bradley (WWC) (Fall 1:30)
Cons. Round 2 – Danny Bradley p. Timothy Lemaster (Warhawks) (Fall 1:22)
Cons. Round 3 – Romeo Vargas-Perez (Alleghany Wrestling Club) p. Danny Bradley (Fall 4:54)

Middle School MS152
Champ. Round 1 – Isaiah Staley (WWC) p. Jacob Nesmith (Highlands Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:18)
Quarterfinal – Jakob Clevinger (JR Cyclone Wrestling) p. Isaiah Staley (Fall 1:28)
Cons. Round 3 – Isaiah Staley p. Tyler Luna Gonzalez (Rich Valley Wrestling) (Fall 0:26)
Cons. Semi – Judson Beaver (Madison County Wrestling) p. Isaiah Staley (Fall 2:21)

Middle School MS160
Quarterfinal – Chester Wilson (WWC) p. David Wright (JR Cyclone Wrestling) (Fall 0:54)
Semifinal – Chester Wilson p. Aden Taylor (Vikings Wrestling Club) (Fall 2:22)
1st Place Match – Chester Wilson d. Judson Beaver (Madison County Wrestling), 6-4