The Wolverine Wrestling Club enjoyed a successful afternoon on Saturday at the High Country Youth League Championship Tournament at Mitchell High School in Ledger.

Six wrestlers braved the pending winter storm and competed in the event.

“We had a great tournament and I am very proud of how all the wrestlers competed and represented Polk County,” said WWC head coach Russell Wilson. “We have a bright future for wrestling in the county.”

Those competing at the event and their results included:

Bo Wilson: 1st place, 45 lbs., Kindergarten division

Kade Wilson: 3rd place, 45 lbs., Kindergarten division

Kellan Bright: 3rd place, 50 lbs., 1-2 grade division

Owen Bright: 3rd place, 65 lbs., 3-4 grade division

Chester Wilson: 2nd place, 85 lbs., 3-4 grade division

Carson Bell: 3rd place, 85 lbs., 5-6 grade division.