Athletes from Sizemore Gymnastics Academy competed Nov. 17-19 at Crown of the Carolinas in Rock Hill, S.C.

Dakota DuPre, Averi Key, Serenity Lindsey, Bella Quinn, Esmé Quinn and Skyla Williams represented SGA at USAG Level 2. Phoebe Aldrich, Collins Kerr, Kendall Medina, Aria Springs and Josephine Wallace competed at the USAG level 3. Levi Radziewicz and Clark Williams participated at USAG boys level 3. Genevieve Ard and Kylie Whitinger participated at USAG level 4. Sherlyn Trejo represented SGA at USAG level 6.

For SGA’s Level 2 team, Dupre received 32.475 all-around from her fifth on bars with 9.225, 8.5 on beam, 7.75 on floor and 7.0 on vault. Key raised more than a full point to get 33.55 all-around from her seventh on beam with 8.95, raised her bar score to 8.75, received seventh on floor with 8.55 and improved her vault to 7.3. Lindsey continued to raise her all-around score to 33.05 from her fifth on vault with 8.85, improved bar score to 8.65, improved beam score of 7.85 and floor score of 7.7.

Bella Quinn earned seventh all-around with 35.775 from her improved beam of 9.1, improved floor score of 9.075, improved bar score of 8.95 and 8.65 on vault. Esmé Quinn raised her all-around more than .7 from last competition to 33.675 from her improved bar score of 8.75, improved beam score of 8.525, 8.5 on vault and 7.9 on floor. Williams raised her all-around to 33.575 from her improved bar score of 8.5, improved floor score of 8.4, improved beam score of 8.3 and 8.375 on vault.

SGA’S level 2 won a fifth-place team award.

In terms of SGA’s level 3 team, Aldrich raised her all-around to 34.8 from her fifth on vault with 9.025, 8.7 on bars, 8.675 on floor and 8.4 on beam. Kerr received 31.2 all-around from her improved floor score 8.05, improved bar score of 8.25, improved vault score of 8.2 and 6.7 on beam. Medina achieved 32.675 all-around from her 8.85 on vault, improved floor score of 8.225, 7.85 on beam and 7.75 on bar.

Springs received 34.0 all-around from her improved vault score of 8.9, 8.7 on floor, improved bar score of 8.2 and 8.2 on beam. Wallace got 32.825 from her 8.85 on vault, 8.275 on floor, improved bar score of 8.15 and 7.55 on beam.

SGA’s level 3 team won a team award.

SGA’s level 3 boys team participated in its first competition. Radziewicz earned 8.6 on vault, 5.8 on parallel bars, 5.0 on floor, 3.8 on pommel horse. Williams received 8.1 on vault, 6.0 on high bars, 5.0 on floor, 4.2 on parallel bars, 4.0 on still rings and 2.7 on pommel horse.

For SGA’s Level 4 team, Ard earned fifth all-around with 35.55 from her first on vault with 9.25, fourth on floor with 9.15, fifth on beam with 8.75 and 8.4 on bars. Whitinger raised her all-around almost a full point to 33.925 from her fifth on bars with 8.775, improved floor score of 8.75, improved vault score of 8.3 and improved beam score of 8.1.

From SGA’s Level 6, Trejo raised her all-around to 35.825 to earn fourth all-around from her first on beam with 9.5, tied for fifth on floor with 9.225, 8.7 on bars and 8.4 on vault.

Members of SGA will compete next on Dec. 9 at the 2023 NC Compulsory State Championships in Cornelius.