Sizemore gymnasts drop winning performances at Drop It Like Its Hot meet

Athletes from Sizemore Gymnastics Academy in Tryon competed in early Feburary in the Drop It Like Its Hot Invitational in Greenville.

The competition was hosted by Katelyn Ohashi, a 10-time All-American at UCLA who has scored 11 perfect 10s in her career. The competition celebrated the beauty to be yourself, the confidence to embrace it and to always light the fire within while donating a portion of the proceeds from the competition to Project Heal.

Neysah Engle and Josephine Wallace represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Bronze level. Hadley Pereira, Aria Springs, Alia Vorbe and Emma Whitehurst represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Silver level. Genevieve Ard and ScottLynn Whiteside participated at the AAU Xcel Gold level while Sherlyn Trejo and Kylie Whitinger competed at the AAU Xcel Platinum level.

On SGA’s Bronze team, Engle earned 36.1 all-around from her tie for first on bars with 9.3, tie for third on floor with 9.2, and 9.0 on beam. Wallace received 35.4 all-around from her tie for third on bars with 9.2, 8.9 on floor, 8.65 on beam and 8.65 on vault.

For SGA’s Silver team, Pereira achieved first all-around in her division with 37.150 from her third on bars with 9.45, third on beam with 9.35, third on vault with 9.2 and 9.15 on floor. Springs received 35.6 all-around from her fourth on beam with 9.05, 9.05 on floor, 8.85 on bars and 8.65 on vault. Vorbe earned first all-around in her division with 37.45 from her first on floor with 9.5, first on beam with 9.45, 9.35 on bars and 9.15 on vault. Whitehurst received 35.05 all-around from her 9.2 on bars, 8.7 on floor, 8.6 on vault and 8.55 on beam. Silver team earned third place team award.

For SGA Gold, Ard improved her all-around to 36.65 from her second on vault with 9.35, tie for third on beam with 9.25, 9.05 on floor and 9.0 on bars. Whiteside continued to raise her all-around score to 36.75 from her third on floor with 9.4, third on bars with 9.24, third on beam with 9.1 and 9.0 on vault.

For Xcel Platinum, Trejo earned first place all-around in her division with 36.35 from her first on beam with 9.65, tied for second on floor with 9.25, first on bars with 8.85 and 8.65 on vault. Whitinger raised her all-around to 32.7 from her tie for fourth on bars with 8.0, 8.5 on floor, and 8.3 on beam.

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