Photo courtesy SGA

The recent Spartan Classic in Spartanburg offered another opportunity for Sizemore Gymnastics Academy gymnasts to shine.

Neysah Engle and Irie Marlow-Halterman represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Bronze level. Kendall Medina, Aria Springs, Alia Vorbe and Emma Whitehurst represented SGA at the AAU Xcel Silver level. Genevieve Ard and ScottLynn Whiteside participated at the AAU Xcel Gold level. Sherlyn Trejo and Kylie Whitinger competed at the AAU Xcel Platinum level.

For SGA’s Bronze team, Engle received 35.675 from improving her vault to 9.15, raising her bar score to 9.1, 8.75 on floor and 8.675 on beam. Marlow-Halterman received 34.5 all around from her 8.8 on floor, 8.65 on bars and 8.6 on beam.

For SGA’s Silver team, Medina raised her all-around 1.65 to earn third place with 35.65 from improving her bars by eight-tenths to 9.35, fourth on beam with 9.1, 8.7 on vault and 8.5 on floor. Springs received 35.125 all-around. She raised her beam score to 9.325 as well as received fourth on floor with 8.75, 8.75 on vault and 8.3 on bars. Vorbe continued to improve her all-around to 36.625 from raising her bar score to 9.425 as well as receiving 9.4 on beam, 9.0 on vault and 8.8 on floor. Whitehurst improved her all-around to 35.425 with her third on bars with 9.3, third on vault with 8.8, 8.925 on beam and 8.4 on floor. The Silver team won a team award.

For SGA’s Gold team, Ard improved her all-around to 36.275 from her 9.3 on vault, 9.2 on bars, 9.175 on floor and 8.6 on beam. Whiteside achieved 36.025 with a tie for third on vault with 9.05, third on beam with 8.95, 9.05 on floor and 8.975 on bar.

For Xcel Platinum, Trejo received 36.45 from her second on beam with 9.45, tie for second on bars with 9.5, 8.9 on vault and 8.6 on floor. Whitinger had an all-around of 33.0 from her 9.05 on bar, 8.55 on vault and 8.25 on floor.