Athletes from Sizemore Gymnastics Academy took part in both a competition and fundraiser with their trip March 4-5 to the Forever Our Legacy Invitational in Jekyll Island, Ga.

The competition raises funds for the McKenna Kelley Foundation, which supports charities that assist all individuals in their personal journey with mental health. The Foundation strives to provide educational skills so individuals can have self-awareness as to their current mental health and to provide skills for individuals to form a plan so they can get back on track and feel like themselves again.

Irie Marlow-Halterman represented SGA at the USAG Bronze level. Hadley Pereira and Aria Springs represented SGA at the USAG Silver level. Genevieve Ard and ScottLynn Whiteside participated at the USAG Gold level while Sherlyn Trejo and Kylie Whitinger competed at the USAG Platinum level. 

For SGA’s Bronze team, Marlow-Halterman received 35.4 all-around from her tie for third on vault with 8.8, 8.975 on bars, 8.975 on floor & 8.65 on beam. 

For SGA’s Silver team, Pereira received 35.375 all-around from her 9.1 on bars, 8.95 on beam, 8.725 on vault & 8.6 on floor. Springs earned 35.20 from 9.075 on floor, 8.875 on beam, 8.65 on and 8.6 on vault. 

For SGA’s Gold team, Ard earned third all-around in her division with 36.925 from her first on vault with 9.275, third on bars with 9.325, fourth on beam with 9.175 and 9.15 on floor. Whiteside received 35.775 all-around from her 9.25 on floor, 9.05 on beam, 8.775 on vault & 8.7 on bar.

For Xcel Platinum, Trejo received fourth all-around in her division with 35.875 all-around from her second on bars with 9.25, 9.225 on floor & 9.0 on beam. Whitinger earned 31.9 all-around from her 8.35 on vault, 8.1 on floor and 7.85 on bars.