Wrestlers from Polk County Middle School and Polk County High School teamed to win the 42nd Annual Junior High State Championship (photo courtesy Brooke McCraw Conner)

Wrestlers from Polk County High School and Polk County Middle School teamed Saturday to take top honors at the 42nd Annual Junior High State Championship in Bermuda Run.

The Wolverines finished with 210 points to top St. Stephens High School Wrestling, Robbinsville and Wolfpack Wrestling Club in the team standings. It marks the second straight state championship at the event for Polk County.

Wrestlers from grades 6-9 are eligible to compete in the tournament, which included athletes from more than 100 clubs and schools across the state.

A handful of wrestlers claimed state championships at the event:

  • Hudson Hyde, Boys 7th Grade 217
  • Chester Wilson, Boys 8th Grade 159
  • Brody Wolfe, Boys 9th Grade 115
  • Styler Blackwell, Boys 9th Grade 159
  • Zach McCraw, Boys 9th Grade 167

Blackwell finished as a state champ at the tournament for the second straight year.

Five other wrestlers – Silas Amorelli, Isaiah Staley, Callum Eadus, Jaxtyn Virgil and Evan McCraw – grabbed top-three finishes at the event, held at Rise Indoor Sports.

Boys 6th Grade 78
Champ. Round 1 – Jayden Putman (RS Central) p. Ethan Dotson (Polk County) (Fall 1:08)
Cons. Round 1 – Blaze Atkins (Mount Airy Middle School) p. Ethan Dotson (Fall 3:00)

Boys 7th Grade 78
Champ. Round 1 – Braylon Butts (North Carolina Wrestling Factory) p. Josh Jarrett (Polk County) (Fall 2:52)
Cons. Round 2 – Josh Jarrett p. Ethan Chapman (West McDowell MS) (Fall 0:54)
Cons. Round 3 – Josh Jarrett d. Evan Syer (Cannon Wrestling Club), 4-3
Cons. Semi – Silas Amorelli p. Josh Jarrett (Polk County) (Fall 1:00)

Boys 7th Grade 78
Champ. Round 1 – Evan Syer (Cannon Wrestling Club) maj. dec. Cameron Cole (Polk County), 8-0
Cons. Round 2 – Charles Castle (North Carolina) p. Cameron Cole (Fall 0:57)

Boys 7th Grade 78
Quarterfinal – Silas Amorelli (Polk County) p. Charles Castle (North Carolina) (Fall 1:02)
Semifinal – Braylon Butts (North Carolina Wrestling Factory) tech. fall Silas Amorelli, 15-0
Cons. Semi – Silas Amorelli p. Josh Jarrett (Polk County) (Fall 1:00)
3rd Place Match – Silas Amorelli d. Dylan Chambers (North Wilkes Middle School), 4-2

Boys 7th Grade 108
Champ. Round 1 – Adam Hart (Tech Fall Wrestling Club) d. Gavin Waldbillig (Polk County), 5-4
Cons. Round 1 – Sawyer Propst (Granite Falls Middle School) d. Gavin Waldbillig, 2-0

Boys 7th Grade 192
Round 1 – Chase Russell (West McDowell MS) p. Xander Worley (Polk County) (Fall 1:32)
Round 2 – Eli Reems (Hominy Valley Youth Wrestling (Enka)) p. Xander Worley (Fall 0:00)
Round 4 – Ethan Turner (Marvin Ridge) p. Xander Worley (Fall 0:45)
Round 5 – Hunter McAbee (Lost Boyz) won by forfeit over Xander Worley

Boys 7th Grade 217
Round 1 – Hudson Hyde (Polk County) p. Benjamin Fowler (North Carolina) (Fall 1:16)
Round 2 – Hudson Hyde p. Benjamin Fowler (Fall 2:17)

Boys 8th Grade 100
Champ. Round 2 – Liam Jackson (Polk County) d. Kayden Christian (Chestnut Grove Middle School), 6-0
Quarterfinal – Liam Jackson ultimate tie breaker over Jason Sponsel (Tech Fall Wrestling Club), UTB 2-1
Semifinal – Luke Richards (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) p. Liam Jackson (Fall 1:36)
Cons. Semi – Ellis Whisnant (Granite Falls Middle School) d. Liam Jackson, 8-2

Boys 8th Grade 128
Champ. Round 1 – Matt Jarrett (Polk County) maj. dec. Hunter Ward (Mount Airy Middle School), 10-0
Champ. Round 2 – Matt Jarrett d. Gage Miller (Tomahawk Wrestling Club), 7-4
Quarterfinal – Christopher Gaither (West Rowan) d. Matt Jarrett, 10-5
Cons. Round 4 – Matt Jarrett (Polk County) maj. dec. Les Adams (Pilot Mountain Middle School), 15-3
Cons. Round 5 – Bryson Capps (Flat Rock Middle) d. Matt Jarrett, 10-5

Boys 8th Grade 134
Champ. Round 2 – Gabe DeFreitas (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) p. Jayvin Clark (Polk County) (Fall 1:06)
Cons. Round 3 – Jayvin Clark won in sudden victory – 1 over Manny Romero Conde (Robbinsville), SV-1 3-1
Cons. Round 4 – Jayvin Clark d. Michael McCall (Maiden Middle), 7-0
Cons. Round 5 – James Stephens (West Rowan) d. Jayvin Clark, 8-4

Boys 8th Grade 146
Quarterfinal – Isaiah Staley (Polk County) p. Mason Jones (Gentry Middle School) (Fall 1:53)
Semifinal – Isaiah Staley p. Bryce Crouse (Chestnut Grove Middle School) (Fall 3:15)
1st Place Match – Jacob Perry (OCS – Brewster MS) p. Isaiah Staley (Fall 2:56)

Boys 8th Grade 152
Champ. Round 1 – Danny Bradley (Polk County) p. Jacob Auton (Hudson Middle School) (Fall 2:00)
Quarterfinal – Owen Fry (Culbreth MS) p. Danny Bradley (Fall 2:52)
Cons. Round 2 – Tyler Nielsen (Hominy Valley Youth Wrestling (Enka)) p. Danny Bradley (Fall 3:00)

Boys 8th Grade 159
Quarterfinal – Chester Wilson (Polk County) p. Michael Chenault (OCS – New Bridge MS) (Fall 0:55)
Semifinal – Chester Wilson p. Ayden Wilson (Hominy Valley Youth Wrestling (Enka)) (Fall 1:35)
1st Place Match – Chester Wilson p. Callum Eadus (Polk County) (Fall 3:48)

Boys 8th Grade 159
Semifinal – Callum Eadus (Polk County) d. Alhasan Alhoory (Culbreth MS), 5-2
1st Place Match – Chester Wilson (Polk County) p. Callum Eadus (Fall 3:48)

Boys 8th Grade 167
Champ. Round 1 – Drew Teeter (Mooresville Middle) maj. dec. Acer Eadus (Polk County), 13-2
Cons. Round 3 – Jackson Mayhew (Road Runner Wrestling) d. Acer Eadus, 7-1

Boys 9th Grade 115
Quarterfinal – Brody Wolfe (Polk County) d. Julian Combs (Person High School), 8-2
Semifinal – Brody Wolfe d. Ezekiel Tart (Cary Devil Dogs Wrestling Club), 6-0
1st Place Match – Brody Wolfe d. Jack Palmisciano (Chapel Hill High School Wrestling), 6-5

Boys 9th Grade 122
Champ. Round 2 – Mitchell Proctor (West Henderson High School Wrestling) p. Kaleb Barnette (Polk County) (Fall 2:35)
Cons. Round 3 – Josiah Roehm (S.W.A.T. Wrestling Club) d. Kaleb Barnette, 5-3

Boys 9th Grade 122
Champ. Round 1 – Jaxtyn Virgil (Polk County) p. Chase Beasley (S.W.A.T. Wrestling Club) (Fall 1:38)
Champ. Round 2 – Jaxtyn Virgil p. Alejandro Ramos (North Henderson High School Wrestling) (Fall 1:51)
Quarterfinal – Jaxtyn Virgil (Polk County) d. Kaydn Munoz (Alleghany HS), 12-8
Semifinal – Carson Powell (St. Stephens High School Wrestling) d. Jaxtyn Virgil, 2-0
Cons. Semi – Jaxtyn Virgil p. James Tucker (Maiden High School) (Fall 0:28)
3rd Place Match – Jaxtyn Virgil p. Colten Vestal (East Wilkes Middle School) (Fall 1:17)

Boys 9th Grade 128
Champ. Round 2 – Conner Ahlert (Polk County) d. Ayden Lopez (RS Central), 4-2
Quarterfinal – Dylan Burr (North Carolina) won by injury default over Conner Ahlert
Cons. Round 4 – Xavier Borge (Cary Devil Dogs Wrestling Club) won by medical forfeit over Conner Ahlert

Boys 9th Grade 128
Champ. Round 2 – Evan McCraw (Polk County) d. Xavier Borge (Cary Devil Dogs Wrestling Club), 11-6
Quarterfinal – Evan McCraw (Polk County) d. Devin Williams (North Carolina), 7-3
Semifinal – Brennan Ferguson (Tech Fall Wrestling Club) p. Evan McCraw (Fall 0:00)
Cons. Semi – Evan McCraw d. Xavier Borge (Cary Devil Dogs Wrestling Club)
3rd Place Match – Matthew Yonish (Chapel Hill High School Wrestling) d. Evan McCraw, 8-2

Boys 9th Grade 159
Quarterfinal – Styler Blackwell (Polk County) p. Cooper Allen (West Henderson High School Wrestling) (Fall 1:15)
Semifinal – Styler Blackwell p. Makaih Wilson (Person High School) (Fall 1:57)
1st Place Match – Styler Blackwell p. Braden Lane (Robbinsville) (Fall 0:29)

Boys 9th Grade 167
Quarterfinal – Zach McCraw (Polk County) p. Zion Stewart (Mitchell Wrestling) (Fall 0:41)
Semifinal – Zach McCraw p. Weston Alberry (KLAW) (Fall 1:07)
1st Place Match – Zach McCraw p. Wilson Deal (South Caldwell High School Wrestling) (Fall 1:09)