Morsell, Fisher take top honors at Ache Around The Lake

Saluda’s Lance Morsell and Columbus’ Jennifer Fisher took top honors Saturday at the 11th annual Ache Around the Lake 8K at Lake Lanier.

For Fisher, it marked her fifth consecutive finish as the race’s top female. She placed third overall with a time of 32:02.4.

Morsell finished as the top male and first overall, winning his first Ache with a time of 30:54.7. Sam Blackwell placed second overall with a time of 31:57.2.

The 2016 Ache will benefit the Discretionary Fund at St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation. This fund enables the Foundation to exercise discretionary spending when evaluating and purchasing small equipment items, facilitating required equipment repairs or accommodating other unplanned expenses that develop during the course of the hospital’s fiscal year.

Ache Around the Lake 8K
Place RunnerTime
1Lance Morsell30:54.7
2Sam Blackwell31:57.2
3Jennifer Fisher32:02.4
4Bailey Nager32:51.0
5Brooks Saucier33:13.5
6Roman Aguirre33:37.8
7Brock Adams34:15.7
8Fox Djebelli35:56.0
9John Gillie36:33.0
10Todd Blackwell37:09.0
11Christopher Page37:43.2
12Annie Anderson37:56.3
13Andy Roberson38:11.3
14George Luke38:20.9
15Belynda Veser38:31.0
16Ben Halka40:24.2
17Brenden Fowler41:13.7
18Stephen Cefalu42:00.7
19Robert Hendricks42:16.7
20Wayne Boynton42:43.7
21Wade Morgan47:32.0
22Verae Upton47:34.6
23Vic Vollmer47:51.9
24Sherry Page49:06.3
25Abbey Cobb49:09.6
26Carl Anderson50:05.5
27Brook Fowler50:17.6
28Hannah McCool50:33.7
29Shannon McCool50:37.8
30Jim Bross51:10.2
31Craig Williams52:06.2
32Janice Hendricks52:42.6
33Charity Hendricks54:20.6
34Karen Fowler54:58.9
35Kristin Harmon55:37.7
36Janet Broome55:58.2
37Kim McPherson58:17.2
38Christy Bare59:42.5
39Kathryn Walsh01:06.9
40Ed Daws01:23.1
41Lori Geddings01:25.3
42Laura Walker01:49.7
43Dennis Duffy02:12.1
44Katie Stogsdill02:25.6
45Carolynn Register03:19.5
46Kelly McMahan07:19.9
47Larry Rostetter12:23.3
48Linda Travers29:52.0
49Teresa Mills29:53.0
Ouch Around the Lake 2 Miles
Place RunnerTime
1Carson Metcalf15:45.5
2Jake Griffith22:26.4
3Kelly Griffith23:28.8
4Mason Morris25:07.2
5Andrew Morris25:08.6
6Nicole Morris25:09.8
7Leslea Greenwood26:52.1
8Laura Hall26:53.3
9Apryll Smith28:00.9
10Jerry Brooks28:08.0
11McKenna Morris28:26.7
12Journee McMinn28:51.8
13Morgan McDermott28:55.9
14Cathy Moore30:14.1
15Elizabeth Presnell30:15.6
16Madelyn Morris30:24.7
17Fred Morsell34:31.6
18Valerie Morsell34:45.3
19Christine Bernock35:45.3
20Sharon Summey35:46.7
21Kathy Woodham38:07.5
22Scott McDermott38:18.0
23Steve Wong38:20.0
24Jeannie McDermott38:23.8
25Shannon McDermott38:25.4
26Jean Gosnell40:14.7
27Alice Smith40:17.5
28Phyllis Jones46:27.4
29Joan Lonnes47:49.6