Foothills gymnasts help raise money at Lucky Charm competition

Foothills Gymnastics Academy participated in the Lucky Charm competition in Concord on March 1.

The Lucky Charm meet was a unique competition held to raise money for children with congenital heart disease to be able to attend Camp Luck, where they can enjoy regular summer camp activities under doctors’ supervision. In addition to raising money, the competition aims to list the spirits of the kids with congenital heart disease by the gymnasts dressing up in bright colors and rainbows.

FGA’s gymnasts brought smiles to the faces of those at the competition with their colorful attire and their precision. Xcel Gold came home with second place as a team, Xcel Silver brought home fourth place team and Xcel Bronze brought home third place team award.

Grace Baglia, Lydia O’Shields and ScottLynn Whiteside competed at the Xcel Bronze level. Genevieve Ard, Hallee Mathis, and Virginia Then represented FGA at the Xcel Silver level. Caity Elledge, Zina Ishwar, Eliza Then, Anna-Carlisle Keim, Sherlyn Trejo and Jessica Sizemore competed at the Xcel Gold level.

Baglia earned 9.4 on floor, 9.1 on vault, 9.25 on bar, 9.15 on beam and 36.9 all around. In her division, O’Shields tied for second All-Around with 36.85 from her 9.1 floor, 9.55 vault, 9.5 bar, and 8.7 beam. Whiteside received first All-Around with 36.9 from her 9.35 floor, 9.15 vault, 9.2 bar and 9.2 beam.

Ard earned second All-Around with a 37.65 from her 9.25 on floor, 9.5 vault, 9.7 bar and 9.2 beam. Mathis earned 36.45 All-Around with 9.1 on floor, 8.8 on vault, 9.2 on bars and 9.35 on beam. Virginia Then received third All-Around with 36.75 in her division with 9.4 on floor, 8.9 on vault, 9.45 on bars and 9.0 on beam.

In Xcel Gold, Trejo earned first All-Around with her 37.3 from her 9.4 on floor, 8.9 on vault, 9.5 on bars and 9.5 on beam. Elledge earned 9.5 on beam, 8.6 on floor, 8.7 on vault and 9.350 on bars. Sizemore earned first All-Around with a 36.8 and first on bars, beam, vault and floor.

Ishwar earned 36.45 All-Around from her 9.05 floor, 8.85 vault, 9.25 bar and 9.3 beam. Eliza Then received first All-Around with 37.05 from her 9.1 on floor, 9.2 on vault, 9.7 on bars and 9.05 on beam. Keim earned 34.95 All-Around with a 9.3 on floor, 9.0 on vault, 8.550 on bar and 8.1 on beam.