Members of Foothills Gymnastics Academy's gold group

Gymnasts from Foothills Gymnastics Academy participated in the Light it Up Classic on January 28-29 in Salisbury.

Aria Springs and Alia Vorbe represented FGA at the AAU Xcel bronze level. Genevieve Ard, ScottLynn Whiteside and Kylie Whitinger participated at the AAU Xcel Gold level. Hallee Mathis and Sherlyn Trejo competed at the AAU Xcel Platinum level.

For the bronze team:

  • Springs achieved 30.5 all around from her 8.5 on balance beam and 8.75 on floor. She raised her floor score almost a full point from the previous competition.
  • Vorbe received 35.65 all-around from her third place on vault with 9.25 and 9.20 floor. She improved her all-around score almost a full point as well as improved her floor and vault scores from the last competition.

FGA’s coaches look forward to watching these young athletes continue their growth.

For the gold group:

  • Ard earned first all-around within her division with her 36.45 all-around from her 9.35 on floor, second place on beam with 9.20 on bars and tied for third on vault with 8.9. She improved her beam, floor and vault scores from her previous competition.
  • Whiteside achieved 35.3 all-around from her tie for second on beam with 9.1, 9.0 on floor and 8.7 on bars. She improved her floor score by more than a half-point since the last competition.
  • Whitinger earned 35.45 all-around from her 9.1 on floor, 8.95 on beam and 8.8 on bars. She raised her all-around score as well as her floor and beam score from the previous competition.

FGA’s Xcel Gold team earned a team award. FGA coaches are proud of the growth the gold gymnasts continue to demonstrate.

For Xcel platinum:

  • Trejo earned first place all-around in her division with 36.9 from her first on floor with 9.7, tie for first with 9.3 on vault, tie for third on bars with 9.0 and 8.9 on beam. She raised her all around score over a point from the last competition as well as raised her floor, vault, bar and beam scores.
  • Mathis achieved third all-around with 35.20 from her first place on beam with 9.1 and third place on vault with 9.2. She improved her all-around score over a point from her last competition as well as her beam, bar and vault score.