Note: Brenda Price wrote this about the Polk County YMCA recreation league 8U girls team. The group will be taking part Friday in the Homecoming Parade through downtown Columbus.

Softball is more than just a sport. It’s a way of life for many individuals who have devoted their time and effort to the game.  And, wow, has this sport grown this past season in Polk!

It shows the power of softball. How it brought so many people together to inspire greatness in these girls. Whether you are a coach or a volunteer, a mom or dad, these steps that are being taken now are crucial for our athletes’ success, not just here in Polk but in life.  

So sit back and grab a bat and enjoy the story behind Polk County YMCA 8U girls softball. 

Their first year was challenging, but they never gave up. They continued to work on their skills as a team, . both on and off the feild. The journey that these girls have taken from rookie to MVP is not easy.  Some girls have been playing for years, some are new this year, but at the end of the game they are all buddies. Their friendship has carried over to school and church.

We as parents see how essential this game can be. It has shown that no obstacle is too great when you have a strong will and detemined spirit.  

Dont miss your opportunity to cheer them on in the Homecoming Parade. Wave and give a big smile – maybe they will throw you some candy!!!

Addilynn Richardson
Josephine Irwin
Livie Fagan
Dimi Ortiz
Macie Ogle
Emma Jackson
Kensly Gossett
Hannah Price
Shealyn Macaluso
Emerson Necessary
Lizzie Fisher
Harper Necessary
BlakeLeigh Matson
Maddison Jolley
Hallie Tackett
Nora Williams