Bo Reid of Mill Spring (Taylor Funderburke/ActionShots photo)

Area racing roundup: July 31-August 1

A look at results from area dirt tracks for the weekend of July 31-August 1 as well as point standings for the MX Carolina Outlaws Series.

Stick Elliott Memorial
Cherokee Speedway
August 1-2
Thunder Bombers Hot Laps
1. Mattison Hoots, Columbus

Thunder Bombers Heat 1
3. Mattison Hoots, Columbus

Thunder Bombers A Feature
4. Mattison Hoots, Columbus

Friday Night Racing
Travlers Rest Speedway
July 31-August 1
Thunder Bomber Future Qualifying 1
4. Blayde Edwards, Tryon

All_SECA Crate Sportsman
1. Jake Jackson, Rutherfordton (PCHS student); 6. Johnny Hipp, Tryon

Thunder Bomber Heat 1
2. Bailey Hipp, Tryon

SECA Crate Spotsman Qualifying
5. Jake Jackson, Rutherfordton (PCHS student); 12. Johnny Hipp, Tryon

Thunder Bomber A Feature
2. Bailey Hipp, Tryon

Thunder Bomber Future A Feature
9. Blayde Edwards, Tryon

SECA Crate Sportsman A Feature
2. Jake Jackson, Rutherfordton (PCHS student); 3. Johnny Hipp, Tryon

2020 Carolina Outlaws Series
Point Standings
51cc Multi/Speed Shaft 4-8
39. Gunner Reid, Mill Spring

65cc 7-9
18. Oakley McDowell, Mill Spring

65cc Beginner 7-11
9. Oakley McDowell, Mill Spring; 37. Radar Rcikman, Mill Spring

85cc Beginner 9-15
2. Ben Thompson, Tryon; 3. Jayce Edwards, Tryon; 4. Nathan Prince, Mill Spring; 9. James Hoots, Mill Spring; 10. Bo Reid, Mill Spring; 24. Peyton Hoots, Mill Spring

85cc 9-13
1. Brilee Stott, Mill Spring; 9. Ben Thompson, Tryon; 10. Jayce Edwards, Tryon; 10. Nathan Prince, Mill Spring; 14. James Hoots, Mill Spring; 38. Peyton Hoots, Mill Spring

85cc 9-11
8. Bo Reid, Mill Spring

85cc 12-15
1. Brilee Stott, Mill Spring; 23. Nathan Prince, Mill Spring

125cc 2 stroke / open 112cc
4. Clayton Sain, Tryon

Schoolboy 2 12-17
2. Clayton Sain, Tryon

5. Weston Cehen, Mill Spring

SuperMini 12-16
2. Brilee Stott, Mill Spring; 6. Nathan Prince, Mill Spring

19. Donovan Stott, Columbus

30. Kerry Cehen, Mill Spring

1. Mike Keller, Tryon

1. Mike Keller, Tryon

29. Donovan Stott, Columbus