Photo courtesy St. Luke's Hospital Foundation

The annual Ache Around The Lake road races will be held September 12 at Lake Lanier in Tryon.

The series of races, which includes a new event this year, is held to benefit St. Luke’s Hospital Foundation, the organization that helps raise money for St. Luke’s Hospital.

The highlight of the day is the Ache, an 8K run on a hilly course around Lake Lanier. The Ache course includes area in both North and South Carolina, giving runners a challenging outing that encompasses two states.

New to the event this year is The Trauma, a 12.4-mile run that is being billed as for experienced runners only. The Trauma will follow the traditional Ache course for the first lap, but a second lap includes an additional climb and some scenic views before a return to the finish line.

The day also includes The Ouch, a two-mile run on a relatively flat course that is perfect for families, and a one-mile fun run for kids ages 10 and under.

There is a four-hour time limit for the race.

Registration is currently at $20 for The Ouch, $25 for the Ache and $35 for The Trauma. Fees increase after August 28.

For more information, including some changes this year relating to the COVID-19 pandemic, and online registration, visit the event web site.

The Foundation is also looking for volunteers and sponsors for the Ache. Anyone interested in either can contact Katie Malone at 864-415-5804.