Player List


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    1Greyson BallPolk County
    2Carson MetcalfPolk CountyMidfield
    3David RamirezPolk County
    4Jack SmithPolk County
    5Alexis ChavezPolk County JV
    6Cade BrightPolk CountyGoalkeeper
    7Braxton EdwardsPolk County
    8Grayson BallPolk County
    9Isaac HernandezPolk County
    10Charlie WagonerPolk County JV
    11Isaac HodgesPolk County Middle
    12Jackson BlotnerPolk County Middle
    13Malakye ChavezPolk County JV
    14Grayson MeyerPolk County JV
    15Finley KellPolk County Middle
    16Nicolas LopezPolk County
    17Mateo MendozaPolk County
    18Nathaniel MartinezPolk County
    19Jackson SmithPolk CountyForward
    20Angel VazquezPolk County JV
    21Alec FinePolk County Middle
    22Matias AkersPolk County
    23Emanual AlbarranPolk County Middle
    24Jasper AzarPolk CountyDefender
    25Owen JusticePolk County Middle
    26Brad MarcelloPolk County
    27Ezra MarlowPolk County JVDefender
    28Topher PearsonPolk County Middle
    29Dan DoughertyPolk County
    30Manny AlbarranPolk CountyForward
    31Aidan HrynyshynPolk County JVDefender
    32Asher BrooksPolk County Middle
    33Cody DimsdalePolk County
    34Keaundrae GreenPolk County Middle
    35James PurtillPolk CountyMidfield
    36Ben KorzeliusPolk County
    37Ethan DotsonPolk County Middle
    38Sean HudsonPolk County
    39Ethan WilsonPolk CountyMidfield
    40Blake ColePolk County Middle
    41Keegan WyattPolk County JVDefender
    42Evan MarlowPolk County Middle
    43Gaige LewisPolk County
    44Eno BakerPolk County Middle
    45Owen HighsmithPolk CountyMidfield
    46Wyatt HighsmithPolk County JV
    47Ryan BlomeleyPolk County Middle
    48Grayson JonesPolk County
    49Luke BeckerPolk County
    50Evan JonesPolk County
    51Riley BallentinePolk CountyMidfield
    52Mason MorrisPolk County Middle
    53Nathaniel RheinPolk CountyDefender
    54David AlvarezPolk County JV
    55Cole HuntleyPolk County Middle
    56Cameron GrevePolk County
    57Isaac EdwardsPolk County
    58Daniel SavkovicPolk County JV
    59Blake AndersonPolk CountyMidfield
    60McClain KoistinenPolk County Middle
    61Jude WolfePolk County Middle
    62Wells HighsmithPolk County Middle
    63Cole PereiraPolk CountyForward, Midfield
    64Collier FosterPolk County JV
    65Tanner OsbornPolk CountyMidfield
    66Ian StaffordPolk County Middle
    67Tallis MetcalfPolk County JV
    68Jack BaughmanPolk County Middle
    69Brian BautistaPolk CountyDefender
    70John WrightPolk County Middle
    71Nathaniel HarmsPolk County JVDefender, Goalie
    72Emilio RodriguezPolk County Middle
    73Wylie RauschenbachPolk County
    74Jack ClarkPolk County Middle
    75Thomas SantibanezPolk County Middle
    76Jake StonePolk County
    77Elliott WhitesidePolk CountyForward, Midfield
    78Noah GrevePolk CountyDefender
    79Elliott WhitsidePolk County
    80Charlie JacksonPolk CountyDefender
    81Ian AndersonPolk County
    82Charles JacksonPolk CountyMidfield
    83Benjamin HendricksPolk County JVMidfield
    84Hunter LedfordPolk County Middle
    85Auston LedfordPolk County JV
    86Tommy JacksonPolk County Middle
    87Thomas JacksonPolk County Middle
    88Luke MillerPolk CountyGoalie
    89Grayson ClancyPolk County Middle
    90Fermin OviedoPolk County
    91Brandon TroyerPolk County JV
    92Will GarrisonPolk County
    93Joey NavarroPolk County Middle
    94Emanuel AlbarranPolk CountyMidfield
    95Brennan OatesPolk County Middle
    96Erik PenaPolk County JV
    97McClain KoistinenPolk County
    98Matthew JarrettPolk County Middle
    99Harrison AshworthPolk CountyMidfield
    100Jasper NespecaPolk County JV
    101Miguel VazquezPolk County JVMidfield
    102Ross DowPolk County Middle
    103Nate HarmsPolk County JV
    104Ethan JennePolk County JV
    105Daniel RamirezPolk County Middle
    106Adam KehrerPolk County
    107Davis FisherPolk County Middle
    108Nate MartinezPolk CountyMidfield
    109William GarrisonPolk CountyDefender
    110David AmitranoPolk County JV
    111Oakley WhitesidePolk County Middle
    112Alan MejiaPolk County
    113Thomas VarnadorePolk CountyForward
    114Juan VelasquezPolk County Middle
    115Amner ContrerasPolk County
    116Luke GarrisonPolk County Middle
    117Cooper MeyerPolk CountyMidfield
    118Brandon PowellPolk County JV
    119Erik RamirezPolk County Middle
    120Austin MathesPolk County Middle
    121Austin MathasPolk County Middle
    122Sebastian AzarPolk CountyForward
    123Konnor HuskeyPolk County JVDefender
    124Ian LewisPolk County Middle
    125Andy BallentinePolk County JV
    126Brinson AshworthPolk County JV