Polk County High School athletic advertising information

Matt Renn photo
Matt Renn photo

Interested in sharing the good news about your business with Polk County sports fans? Polk County High School’s athletic department can help you advertise your business to the fans and families that are part of the Wolverine faithful.

Among the options that local businesses have to share their message:

* PolkSports.com, the popular local website devoted solely to Polk County sports news. Be it high school, middle school, youth or community sports, PolkSports offers comprehensive coverage of each, reaching thousands of area fans each month with the best local sports coverage.

* The new state-of-the-art video scoreboard in G.M. Tennant Stadium. Share your message with the fans in the stands at home events in full color.

These and other options are available today. To find out how to get your business involved, simply fill out the form below and an athletic department representative will contact you.

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