Wolverine tennis team braves cold, wind to best Hilltoppers

Polk County's Payton Stott helped earn a key point in Tuesday's match at No. 1 doubles.

Polk County improved its record to 2-2 on Tuesday, handing R-S Central a 5-3 defeat in boys tennis action in Rutherfordton.

The Wolverines split the six singles matches, then won at No. 1 and No. 2 doubles to clinch the match. Due to the cold and wind, the No. 3 doubles match was cancelled.

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Polk County is slated to return to action on Monday, traveling to East Henderson for a 4 p.m. match.

1. Henry Monts (PC) d. Matthew Bailey 8-4; 2. Jacob Poole (RS) d. Payton Stott 8-2; 3. Malik Miller (PC) d. Ben Kersey 8-6; 4. Rustin Muse (PC) d. Ben Hutchins 8-6; 5. Seth Parton (RS) d. Luke Rogers 8-0; 6. Ethan Rector (RS) d. Seth Hardin 8-4.

1. Monts-Stott (PC) d. Bailey-Poole 6-4; 2. Miller-Muse (PC) d. Kersey-Hutchings 6-2.