Parkwood blanks Polk County in second round of state 2A playoffs

Polk County head girls soccer coach Lennox Charles, left, and sophomore Reese Alley saw their season end with Saturday's loss to Parkwood.

Parkwood brought Polk County’s soccer season to an end Saturday, handing the Wolverines a 2-0 loss in the second round of the state 2A playoffs in Monroe.

Samantha Lavoie scored a goal in the 15th minute and Tori Lavoie added a goal in the 73rd minute as the Rebels improved to 17-3-3. Parkwood, the third seed in the Midwest, will visit Smoky Mountain in the third round.

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Polk County’s season ends at 15-6. It was the final 2A game for the Wolverines as the school moves down to the 1A classification next season.

Parkwood’s defense held Polk County to three shots. Senior goalkeeper Malena Roman recorded 14 saves to keep the Wolverines close.