Falcons sweep past Wolverines in boys tennis season opener

West Henderson rolled to a 9-0 win Monday over Polk County in a season-opening boys tennis match at Polk.

The Falcons played well enough on a chilly afternoon to impress veteran Wolverine head coach Richard Davis.

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“That’s one of the best teams top to bottom that I’ve seen them have,” Davis said.

The Wolverines (0-1) host Crest on Tuesday in another non-conference match, set to begin at 4 p.m.

1. Branson Smith (WH) d. Henry Monts 10-0; 2. Kyle Stephens (WH) d. Payton Stott 10-0; 3. Mitchell Young (WH) d. Malik Miller 10-1; 4. Jared Berry (WH) d. Rustin Muse 10-0; 5. Samuel Litaker (WH) d. Seth Hardin 10-1; 6. Bradley Barham (WH) d. Lucas Rogers 10-0.

1. Stephens-Young (WH) d. Monts-Stott 8-4; 2. Smith-Berry (WH) d. Miller-Muse 8-1; 3. Barham-Litaker (WH) d. Hardin-Rogers 8-4.